Will the Obsession with Abortion Lead to the Destruction of America?

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  • Will the Obsession with Abortion Lead to the Destruction of America?

  • Jon Lovitz Shreds Anti-Israel College Students at Columbia

  • Robert Kraft says he’s no longer donating to Columbia University

Will the Obsession with Abortion Lead to the Destruction of America?

Democrats are hoping to harness anger and fear about the loss of reproductive rights in Florida, Arizona and other states to help them in November. That’s not just my opinion. That statement is taken directly from today’s article on CNN, titled “Abortion rights: New state bans, yet another Supreme Court case and Biden’s Florida Dream”

The article comes right out and says all the things we’ve known for years now.. Democrats are hyper-focused on abortion and essentially aware that it is the only talking point they can hold on to, in hopes of winning the election. 

Biden’s delusional brain is being nurtured by campaign managers sending him to Florida, of all states, and convincing him that he can even win there, thanks to abortion. Democrats are deploying, “strategic effort to focus on abortion rights,” in otherwise unwinnable states, in the hopes that the obsession with being legally able to murder infants in the womb will override Americans’ concerns about the border, violent crime rates, squatters, debilitating costs of living, world peace, and ingrained Constitutional rights - including the rights of unborn human beings not to be dismembered or burned to death in the womb. 

To be fair, pro-life advocates are not helping with their all-or-nothing blinders on. Refusing to consider the smaller steps that will save millions of lives with limited restrictions- even going so far as to denounce those steps and anyone who advances them as also being evil or otherwise traitorous to the Cause, displays such a staggering amount of short-sighted self-sabotage it’s difficult to comprehend.

Trump, whose Supreme Court nominations are arguably responsible for overturning Roe v. Wade and was once hailed by pro-lifers for his actions, is now deemed an enemy of the Cause for daring to return that power back to the States, rather than supporting a federal ban.

Which means people are mad that a politician is committed to decreasing the reach of the federal government. 

Let that one sink in for a minute.

The truth is, well beyond the morality of abortion, abortion itself is being weaponized not just against infants, and women who wouldn’t necessarily make that decision if presented with other options, but against Americans in general. It is being used to emotionally manipulate people into voting for four more years of a regime that may very well signify the final nails in America’s own coffin. 

And the other truth is, that if it works- if in the end, Americans do prioritize the legalization of abortion above all else… perhaps we deserve those nails. 

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Legendary comedian gives a blunt message to anti-Israel agitators at Columbia blocking Jewish students from entering their schools.


Jewish actor and comedian Jon Lovitz called out the anti-Israeli agitators who continue to participate in raucous protests at Columbia University and other college campuses throughout the country. 

In a post on X, Lovitz questioned the intelligence of the students at these rallies, which exploded on the university campus about a week ago. He also accused the student demonstrators of being pawns of their left-wing professors.

The former Saturday Night Live cast member posted on Monday, "To the students at Columbia, and any other students at colleges across the United States, blocking Jewish kids from entering the school to go to class: You're supposed to be smart. You're blaming your 18-year-old classmates from the US for the actions of the government of Israel?"

"What the hell are you being taught?" the comedian asked, adding, "Think logically and quit being sheep & being used by your professors."

Lovitz’s appeal to the protesters went viral on the social media platform, receiving over one million views, and thousands of comments of support.


‘STAND UP TO HATE’: Billionaire Patriots Owner Robert Kraft releases heartfelt statement about his alma mater Columbia University as antisemitic violence rocks campus.


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🏫 Columbia University ends in-person classes as pro-Palestine protests take over campus [Watch]

🔫 Tennessee Republican lawmakers have passed a bill that would let some teachers and staff carry concealed handguns on public school grounds. [Read More]

✈️ Woman runs into NYC Mayor Eric Adams on a plane, tells him “F*** you!” [Watch]

📈 Trump is up six points in a new national Bloomberg poll, leads in six of seven swing states, up 8! in Nevada, 7 in Arizona, 6 in Georgia.


HINT: It’s not the one chanting Death to America




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