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Three thought segments of American Society

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  • Human trafficking ring uncovered in Florida

  • Unwavering support for Israel except from far-left Squad

  • Three thought segments of American Society

Disney Employees, High School Athletic Director, and Illegals Arrested in Major Human Trafficking Sting

In a recent undercover operation conducted by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, a total of 219 individuals were arrested, including three employees of Walt Disney World, a high school teacher, and Russell Rogers, an Athletic Director at Vanguard School and a teacher at Auburndale High School REAL Academy.

Among those arrested, 35 were suspected of being in the country illegally, including three people who were identified as victims of human trafficking.

Biden Admin Pledges Unwavering Support for Israel Amidst Hamas Terror – Yet Radical Democrats Stir the Pot

The official position of the United States, as stated by President Biden yesterday, is in support of Israel. Biden announced that the United States will continue to surge assets to Israel in an effort to help defeat Hamas. Indeed, the first delivery of armaments landed in Israel last night, even as fighter jets and at least one military ship have been sent to hover in closer proximity.

And today, Anthony Blinken will head to Israel in a “message of solidarity and support,” according to State Department spokesman Matthew Miller.

This seems like one of the few moments in time with a serious issue has bipartisan support! But in a departure from the normal display of Democrat obedience to the Party, this is the line in the sand for some of the Democrat’s most radical representatives.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian woman in Congress, continues to fly the Palestinian flag in the halls of Congress, just outside her door.


National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan refused on Tuesday to commit to freezing the $6 billion of Iranian funds that the United States unfroze before Hamas attacked Israel

Weak leadership in America emboldens terrorists, bullies, and evil actors across the globe to act!

Jenna McKaye not only survived being trafficked, she’s worked hard to become a leader in the charge to protect and support all trafficking victims. Here’s just a quick chat, catching up on legislation she just played a key role in passing.

Are Cardinals 'messengers from heaven'? What does it mean when you see a Cardinal? It may be a gift from god!


The Three Thought Segments of American Society: Which are You?

Before we formulate a plan to peacefully coexist in this country, we must first understand how our thought processes are being deployed against us. In this piece, we will examine the three types of thought processes in America. Next week we will explore the weaponization of these thought processes..

There is a certain segment of society that cannot tolerate or comprehend the way another segment of society processes thoughts and emotions that then determine their behavior.

Segment A, I’ll call them, consists of linear, non-critical thinkers. They skim a headline, listen to a soundbite, and are then easily cajoled into believing whatever the media tells them. They believe everyone who disagrees with them or possesses different viewpoints is beneath them. They likely think it’s hilarious and even on-point, that Hillary suggested formal de-programming of millions of Americans.

The other segment of society- let’s call it Segment B -consists of those who insist on gathering more information before arriving at a conclusion. These people may agree on multiple issues but will often disagree, too. They question narratives. They couldn’t care less if someone disagrees with them until that Someone attempts to force different lifestyles and values upon them.

Segment A runs like lemmings, leaping off cliff after cliff upon command: Abortion! Trump! Gun control! Racism! Ukraine! Vaccine! Trump again! Hunter Biden! Laptop! They regurgitate whatever morsel of “fact” on a topic they can piece together and call a lid on further conversation.

Segment B continues to probe for more information. Their views may evolve as a situation evolves and more information is gleaned. They seek information more in the hopes of being proven wrong, than right- because most of the time we would all be better off, if they were wrong.

The last segment- Segment C, then- these people simply get busy on social media denouncing everyone else for believing anything at all, or that there is hope for any of us.

Which segment are you in?

Here are some questions for you to help figure it out- just for kicks:

-Do you believe voter ID is racist?

-Do you believe securing our borders is inhumane?

-Do you believe we should endlessly fund Ukraine?

-Do you believe Palestine should be wiped off the map?

-Did you believe C**d vax11ine mandates were a good idea?

-Do you now believe C**d vaxx11ine mandates are a good idea?

-Do you know why I didn’t use the actual words in questions 5 and 6, and have you found yourself doing the same thing?

Can you figure out which segment you are in, without me telling you, based on your responses?


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Barb Allen & Dave Brown

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