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  • Trump's Statement on Abortion Reminds us That Elections Matter

  • Charles Barkley And Stephen A. Smith Rant About The Border, Illegal Immigration, And Crime

  • The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot

Trump’s Statement on Abortion Reminds us That Elections Matter

The Republican party will always support the creation of strong thriving and healthy American families.” That is a direct quote from Trump’s statement today. Here’s another; “The Republican Party should always be on the side of the miracle of life.”

Still think elections don’t matter? Whether or not you believe our elections are fair, or safe, or that a Republican vote in a Blue state matters, and setting aside the point that the government as a whole has become far too intrusive, elected and appointed officials have become corrupt, and we as a nation need to restore true autonomy… can we all agree that there is a difference in our lives, depending on which Party is currently in power?

We have to start somewhere, and that starting point is in this next election. It is indeed a battle for the very heartbeat of our country, starting in the womb.

The abortion issue is one of the most polarizing. The Democrats refer to Conservatives position that babies must be protected in the womb as “The GOP’s downward spiral into fanaticism” and tout our pro-life policies as, “the Democratic Party’s greatest asset in the 2024 election.”

Rather than caring about millions of illegals flooding our towns, the steady violence inflicted by many of these criminals, the lives lost, the homes destroyed, the already overtaxed “free” American citizens forced to pay for these illegals health, food, and shelter- rather than focusing on making America affordable again for hard working citizens, or preserving the safety of our food, our ability to be energy independent, keeping criminals in jail, or even defending the most precious, innocent lives of all - infants in the womb - Democrats will smite all of those concerns in order to defend the “right” of a woman to casually dismember, burn, or suffocate her baby in her very womb. Sometimes, this extends right up to the moment of birth and beyond, with infants who survive their attempted murder wheeled off and left to die, or being held in the hand of a doctor who took an oath to “do no harm” while their skull is pierced. 

For this belief, that human life is sacred and innocent in the womb, Democrats paint Conservatives as all sorts of fascists and women-hating people- overlooking that half of us are women, ourselves. 

Which side would you rather be on - the one that values life and demands we defend our most innocent lives, or the one that devalues life and views it as expendable when inconvenient? 

The side that acknowledges and supports women who have been victimized or need support to deliver and care for her infant, or the side who justifies killing an infant because of its mother’s struggles? The side who believes it has the authority to determine a baby should be killed in the womb rather than be born into a life with illness or disability, or the side who believes life is precious and no one has the right to decide a human should not be born? 

There is a difference in our everyday lives, depending on who wins the White House. And there is a difference in the right to life, as well. 

Donald Trump’s statement, released today, is being characterized by the Left as supporting full bans rather than by acknowledging he removed federal government autonomy to dictate policy it has no business dictating. Trump did exactly what we need more of- removed federal government’s power. 

The Left hates that as much as they hate religion, and freedom, and patriotism, and as much as they want to destroy life. 

That is why elections matter.

- Barb Allen

Charles Barkley And Stephen A. Smith Rant About The Border, Illegal Immigration, And Crime

BARKLEY: "First of all, the border is a joke. The border is a joke. They have these migrants bussed up to New York. They have them on camera kicking and beating cops. They beat up these two cops. They were out of jail in 24 hours. Two days later, they caught them robbing Macy's. They beat up cops. How are you out of jail in 24 hours?"

SMITH: "But it's woke culture. With woke culture, you have folks on the left endorsing a more lenient legal system. And obviously, folks on the right going crazy about it, calling for law and order. Who do you side with, considering our iniquitous history? What's going on today? And who the candidates are in terms of Biden and Trump, in all likelihood, running for office? What do you do, Charles? Who do you vote for?"

BARKLEY: "First of all, we need law and order, Stephen A."

SMITH: "I agree... How about the $53 million in prepaid credit cards for migrants?"

BARKLEY: "That's ridiculous. I mean, come on, man."

SMITH: "Black folks and Latinos been in the streets. Minorities have been in the streets, homeless, and starving for years. We never got, I never got anything like that. I grew up on welfare."

BARKLEY: "It's just not right, and it's just not fair."

“These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” - Thomas Paine

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