Trump challenges Joe Biden to a Golf Match

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  • DeSantis Holds the Line Against Satanism in Florida Schools

  • Hunter’s Request for New Trial Gets Smacked Down

  • Trump challenges Joe Biden to a Golf Match

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DeSantis Holds the Line Against Satanism in Florida Schools

Members of The Satanic Temple (TST) are pushing to volunteer in Florida schools in response to Governor Ron DeSantis’s initiative to incorporate more religious elements into the public school system. This follows the implementation of a volunteer school chaplain program that started last week.

According to The Guardian, the new law, effective July 1, allows volunteer chaplains to provide support, services, and programs to students. TST members have expressed their readiness to serve in this capacity.

Lucien Greaves, TST co-founder and spokesperson, told Fox News Digital that TST is eager to participate if a Florida school district decides to introduce a chaplaincy program. He criticized Governor DeSantis for misleading the public by claiming that Satanic chaplains would not be permitted.

Greaves argued that DeSantis’s stance violates constitutional principles, asserting that the government has no authority to grant preferential rights to one religion over another. When signing the bill in April, DeSantis dismissed Satanism as “not a religion” and declared its members ineligible for the program.

This move in Florida comes as several states push to incorporate more Christianity into public schools, including mandates for teaching the Bible or the Ten Commandments.

The Satanic Temple has been increasingly active in public schools, including establishing After School Satan clubs. Founded in 2014, the temple’s stated mission is to promote benevolence and empathy while opposing tyrannical authority.

But DeSantis isn’t having it, “We’re not playing those games in Florida. That is not a religion. That is not qualifying to be able to participate in [the chaplain program].

We’re going to be using common sense … you don’t have to worry about that.”

Hunter’s Request for New Trial Gets Smacked Down, Called “Laughable”

Hunter Biden has withdrawn his request for a new trial on federal gun charges after government prosecutors called his argument a "laughable tale" and a misunderstanding of the appeals process.

In a historic conviction, Hunter Biden, the first child of a sitting president, was found guilty on June 11 of lying about illegal drug use when purchasing a handgun in 2018. His lawyers recently sought a new trial, claiming the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia hadn't formally authorized the trial court to proceed.

Federal prosecutors countered in a court filing, stating Biden's argument had no merit and was based on a misunderstanding of appellate procedure. They pointed out the denial of his appeal was clearly marked as "certified order issued in lieu of mandate."

"The defendant’s motion is meritless and is based on his apparent misunderstanding of appellate practice and his failure to read the Third Circuit’s orders," stated lawyers for Special Counsel David Weiss. They mocked Biden's claim about the missing mandate as a "laughable tale."

After the special counsel clarified the 3rd Circuit procedure, Biden's lawyers withdrew the motion. Despite denying any wrongdoing, Hunter Biden plans to appeal the conviction. He faces up to 25 years in prison but may avoid incarceration due to his lack of prior criminal record. His sentencing is scheduled for later this year, and he also faces a federal tax trial in September.

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LOL Trump challenges Joe Biden to a golf match, offers him 20 free strokes, and will give $1 million to Joe's charity of choice if he loses.


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