The Two-tiered Justice System Claims Another Victim

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  • The Two-tiered Justice System Claims Another Victim

  • Biden’s Executive Order On Border Makes Is A Joke

  • High school choir impromptu singing of National Anthem

It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

- Samuel Adams

Two Tiers of Justice

Hunter Biden held a press conference outside the building where he was supposed to be appearing in response to a Congressional subpoena. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Justice Department refused to comply with congressional subpoenas for an audio recording of President Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur during his investigation of the president’s handling of classified records and other material. 

Steve Bannon, who served as Trump’s chief strategist, followed his attorney’s advice not to comply with a congressional subpoena (January 6th Committee). That legal advice asserted that executive privilege superseded that subpoena.

Three people who refused to comply with congressional subpoenas.

One person has just been ordered to report to a 4-month jail sentence.

Guess who?

Now consider that when Steve Bannon reports to jail on July 1, it will be at the order of a Justice Department run by Merrick Garland- who has refused to comply with several congressional subpoenas. 

Furthermore, Bannon’s case is being appealed.

In court filings, an attorney for Bannon urged the court to deny the government’s motion, arguing that granting the request “would be gravely unjust and unfair” and would make pursuing any further steps in the appeals process “ineffectual.”

“The irreparable harm of an unnecessary and unlawful incarceration on a judgment which is likely to be reversed by either the en banc Court or the United States Supreme Court will have been done if the stay of sentence is removed,” the attorney wrote. 

Biden’s Executive Order On Border Makes as Much Sense as Common Core

The White House is pushing the narrative that this EO is a good thing, and overcomes the Bad Republicans who are the ones to blame for the border mess. 

Biden has also repeatedly stated that he does not have the authority to close the border. 

It’s hard to say exactly what this EO is supposed to do, and why anyone would believe it is anything other than a lie.

The EO purports to support closing the borders… after at least 7 straight days of 2500 illegals crossing. LOL…how about after 1 illegal crossing?!

But not including illegals who register on an American taxpayer-funded app, first, or who come through normal ports of entry, or who “look like” they are in fear of being deported, or unaccompanied minors, or anyone who comes at a time when operational matters don’t support deporting them…. 

You get the drift. 

House Speaker Mike Johnson, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, Majority Whip Tom Emmer, and House Republican Chair Elise Stefanik, call the order a "desperate political stunt to try and stabilize his plummeting poll numbers" ahead of the November election.

House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green had this to say about it: "President Biden has effectively legitimized crisis levels of illegal immigration well beyond those laid out by the DHS secretary he once served with… And  this number doesn’t count any of the roughly 70,000 monthly encounters through Biden and Mayorkas’ unlawful CBP One, CHNV, and other mass-parole programs."

Meanwhile, Democrats are mad, too- but not because of the blatant sarcasm in the EO. Nope. The Left thinks Biden is betraying migrants. 

Ranking member of the Judiciary subcommittee on immigration, Rep. Pramila Jayapal said the move was a "dangerous step in the wrong direction." 

And the political games continue, while the country burns under Biden’s regime.

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High school choir impromptu singing of National Anthem


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