The Laptop from hell is REAL: Will Hunter Biden Be Convicted?

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  • Is Big Pharma Preparing for Another Pandemic Windfall?

  • With Several Jurors Who Have Friends and Family With Addiction, Will Hunter Be Convicted?

  • Trump Camp Raises $141 Million In May After Guilty Verdict In NY.

  • Bill Murray On How Art Has Inspired His Life!

No right was deemed by the fathers of the government more sacred than the right of speech. It was in their eyes, as in the eyes of all thoughtful men, the great moral renovator of society and government.

- Frederick Douglass

Is Big Pharma Preparing for Another Pandemic Windfall?

Here we go again? 

Moderna and Pfizer are both angling for federal contracts to build a national stockpile of mRNA vaccines targeting the new bird flu, amid concerns it may spread among humans.

Sources report that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) may fund Moderna’s late-stage clinical trials of the bird flu vaccine with tens of millions of dollars. The H5N1 strain of bird flu, highly pathogenic avian influenza, is inciting now-familiar signs that this could be the next “pandemic” to test our patience with government overreach. A whopping three people are reported by the CDC to have contracted the virus, which has been appearing in cattle across nine states since 2022.   

HHS and the Department of Agriculture announced a joint effort to mitigate the outbreak in livestock and prevent more human cases. Federal officials plan to bolster traditional protein-based vaccine stockpiles for bird flu.

Moderna confirmed it is in discussions with the government about advancing its pandemic flu vaccine, with mid-stage clinical trial data expected soon. Moderna’s spokesperson stated their H5 vaccines cover the same clade as the current U.S. variant. Pfizer also announced early results for its mRNA bird flu vaccine, which will be conveniently available for government purchase  - just in case this all happens again.

Both companies are reported to be experiencing stock price increases following the bird flu outbreak among mammals, which comes just when valuations for Pfizer and Moderna have dropped from pandemic-era highs since demand for COVID-19 vaccines has waned.

Vaccination rates have decreased globally due to vaccine fatigue and hesitancy over side effects of COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca. Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo and others have criticized mRNA vaccines, though the FDA insists the benefits outweigh those debilitating and sometimes even fatal results.

Another familiar face stepping back into the pandemic stage is Dr Birx, who is warning that all dairy workers should be regularly tested in order to detect asymptomatic carriers.  [Read More]

With Several Jurors Who Have Friends and Family With Addiction, Will Hunter Be Convicted?

With Several Jurors Who Have Friends and Family With Addiction, Will Hunter Be Convicted?

Hunter Biden’s gun trial experience is shaping up to be the opposite of what we saw in Trump’s trial.

Instead of being held in hostile territory, it is being held right in his hometown in Delaware, where the Biden family is revered. 

Although the presiding judge appears to be open to a balanced trial, that might not be enough when you consider the question of guilt hinges on a question the jury will have to interpret on its own , and which is extremely personal to several of them.

Anyone who buys a firearm is required to fill out a federal form on which they are asked if 

they are an unlawful user or are addicted to controlled substances, narcotics and other listed substances. Biden is accused of answering "no" to that question on the form.

He then bought a gun, which was found by a current girlfriend (his deceased brother’s widow). She drove to a nearby grocery store and tossed the bagged gun into a trash bin. 

The gun was found by a man collecting recyclables outside the store and traced back to Hunter, leading to Hunter being charged with three firearms felonies.

The first two relate specifically to the form he filled out to purchase the gun, accusing Biden of lying about this drug use on the form.

The third charge pertains to Biden's possession of a firearm while he was allegedly an unlawful user or addicted to controlled substances.

For the first charge, prosecutors must generally convince the jury that:

  • Biden filled out the form and that he made a false statement, specifically that he was an unlawful user of or addicted to controlled substances.

  • That he knew that statement was false.

  • That the statement was meant to deceive the salesman on a fact material to the sale. In other words: the sale would not have occurred had he answered otherwise.

The second charge is similar. Prosecutors need to show that Biden knowingly made a false statement, but need not show the statement was material to the transaction.

For the third charge, prosecutors need to prove:

  • Biden was either an unlawful user of or addicted to controlled substances.

  • That he knowingly possessed the firearm.

  • That he knew he was an unlawful user of or addicted to controlled substances.

Here’s where the jury interpretation of guilt comes into play: 

To find Biden was an unlawful user of controlled substances or addicted to drugs, the jury must have a common definition of what those terms mean in order to apply the evidence to the question. Any instruction on this definition that is given to the jury will be up against their own personal experiences and emotions attached to this question, as several jurors have loved one with addiction, and have even lost people they love to it. 

  • One juror’s sister is a recovering drug addict with a criminal record.

  • One juror is an active member of AA, with a personal DUI history

  • One juror’s brother has a drug charge arrest.

  • One juror has a brother and a father who are now deceased, and who were addicted to alcohol. He stated he acknowledges addiction to be a disease.

  • One juror has a brother addicted to PCP and heroin, who has been to rehab multiple times.

  • One juror’s best friend from childhood died from a heroin overdose.

So with the question of guilt hinging on the jurors’ own definition of addiction and a person’s accountability while battling addiction, it’s anyone’s guess how their personal pain with addiction will impact their decision.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison, though Biden is unlikely to serve anywhere near that if he is convicted. 


TOP DOLLAR: The campaign said that the average donation was $70.27, and that 25% of the May donors were first-time contributors to Trump.

The former president's campaign highlighted that in the first 24 hours following Thursday evening's verdict, they and the Republican National Committee hauled in nearly $53 million in fundraising, which counted towards May's total. 

The campaign touted that the fundraising was "nearly double the biggest day ever recorded for the Trump campaign on the WinRed platform" and emphasized that the guilty verdicts "have awakened the MAGA movement like never before."

Trump Camp Raises $141 Million In May After Guilty Verdict In NY.


WEDNESDAY WISDOM: “I too am a person and get another chance every day the sun comes up”. Bill Murray on how art has inspired his life!


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