Students at UNC Chapel Hill protect the American flag

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  • Drew Barrymore Joins Lunacy, dubbing Kamala “Momala” Harris

  • Biden considers bringing Palestinian GAZA refugees to the U.S.

  • Students at UNC Chapel Hill protect the American flag from Pro-Hamas Palestinian Protestors

Drew Barrymore Joins Lunacy, dubbing Kamala “Momala” Harris 

Summoning my strength, I intentionally submitted myself to watching the Drew Barrymore/ Kamala Harris event.

It was another moment of disenchantment with an actress who gifted so many of us with her whimsical moments in film. From her starry eyed ET moment, to ridiculous Adam Sandler movies and her fairytale Ever After moments, Drew was a balanced blend of chick-flick and dude humor.

It’s sad to see her fall so hard.

Imagine using the word “harken,” for starters.

In the first moments after a staged, nauseating hug, Drew gushed about how she “harkens back to the moment” when we were subjected to Kamala on the phone, cackling “We did it Joe” to whomever- if anyone- was on the other end of that “call.” 



Imagine then, looking dead in the eye of a woman who is campaigning across America to advance abortion- including in cases where an infant is able to feel pain and fear, and is then dismembered, burned alive, or even delivered alive only to have a doctor puncture its skull- and calling her “Momala.”

There was something about how America needs a hug, and how “Momala” is the one to do that. 🤣

I think- I couldn’t watch anything after those short clips.

I’d seen enough.

I don’t know about you, but I can harken back to the days when we could at least pretend we lived in a free country: where parents had parental rights, our flag was waved high and proud, we fought to end racism rather than transfer it to another skin color, we understood there are two genders, and we could even lose ourselves in entertainment, where overpaid athletes and actors did their things for us on stage, on screen or in stadiums and exited stage left without disparaging the country they are making millions in, under the heroic watch of men and women who give their lives to protect us all.

Maybe E.T. can come back and take all these people home with him.

We need to make America, America again.🇺🇸

- Barb Allen - Follow On Instagram

Biden Admin Mulls Bringing Palestinian Gaza Refugees To The United States

As if we don’t have enough to deal with on the immigration front the Biden administration is contemplating the resettlement of Palestinian refugees from Gaza in the United States, a move that has sparked a wide range of reactions.

While some view it as a humanitarian gesture, others express concerns about security and potential anti-Semitism.

The proposal is still under discussion, with no final decision made yet.

This debate has been fueled by internal federal government documents obtained by CBS News, which reveal the administration's consideration of offering permanent safe haven to Palestinians from Gaza.

The public remains divided on the issue, with some questioning the implications of such a move on the geopolitical situation in the Middle East. [Read More]


Students at UNC Chapel Hill protect the American flag from Pro-Hamas Palestinian Protestors and refuse to let it touch the ground. [Watch]


'INCREDIBLE SCENE': NYPD gains the upper hand against terrorist sympathizers by re-raising the American flag at the City College of New York


🇺🇸 Americans name immigration as the top problem for the third straight month. [Read More]

😢Jewish girl at UCLA sent to the ER after being beaten unconscious by pro-Palestine protesters. [Watch]

🚔 NYPD cops stormed onto Columbia University’s campus to oust a pro-Palestine group that illegally took over an academic building – and to clear out an anti-Israel encampment. [Read More]

💰Donald Trump says these are 'Paid Agitators' who are at College Protests across the Country [Watch]

🏀 Lebron James scares a woman who was heckling him. Was his response violent or justified? [Watch]



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