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  • Tax Week: We are Almost Officially Through 2024’s Annual Reaping

  • Student Suspended For Using Term ‘Illegal Alien’ In English Class

  • Weathering The Storm With Country Music Artist Ryan Weaver

Everyone Getting Through Tax Week OK?

Well we are almost officially through 2024’s annual reaping- I mean tax week.

Just in time to send more billions to Ukraine, buy more debit cards for illegals, prosecute people who dare defy or oppose the establishment, and of course, relieve all those college graduates of the burden of repaying their own student loans.

Here in our neck of the woods, seven city council members in a neighboring town are treating themselves to a $34,000 weekend retreat at an exclusive, $900 per night resort in our town- on the taxpayer’s dime.

That seems legit, right?

If you’re like me, you realized some time ago that we are not exactly the land of the free. Unless of course by “free” you mean squeezed, extorted, fined, legislated, threatened, censored, and taxed to pieces.

Our skies are doused with heavy meals, our waters are poisoned, our food supply is bio-engineered, ladened with chemicals banned in other countries, and our homes are filled with products containing known carcinogens.

And let’s not get started on the whole vaccine thing… but if you have young kids, please don’t simply trust the new vaccine schedules out there. Have you seen everything you are pumping into your babies?

How on earth are we supposed to be “okay” with all of this - especially when weeks like this roll around, and we get the bill from our government for the privilege of being so abused?

How are we supposed to believe anything good about our country in times like this?

It’s not easy, for sure.

My advice- look not at the government, but at the people. Look at your family, friends, and colleagues who have weathered these past years with you and resisted the manipulation and coercion. Look at the courageous people stepping forward to say “No More,” even at great risk to their own careers or even their own freedom. 

Then look in the mirror, because you are how I’m holding on to the belief that we will swing this pendulum back. I’d send you a thank you in real life, but I just got my tax bill so that will have to wait :) 

Here are some things you can do to protect your family’s health and push back against industrialized, tyrannized, imported food production: Buy local organic foods. Order online from American farmers who farm with integrity, restorative, and humane practices. Our American farmers are up against Goliath. Let’s help them while we help ourselves. Dave and I order our meat both locally and online from American farmers who represent what our food should be. Locally we are enrolling in a CSA in an organic farm. Whatever you are left with after taxes, use it wisely and powerfully. 

Taxation is absolutely theft. On this I believe most of us agree. Until we figure out how to put that genie back on the bottle, we have to be proactive in preserving as much of what we work for, and this earth blesses us with, ourselves. 

Only 51 weeks until the next reaping. 

- Barb Allen

Student Suspended For Using Term ‘Illegal Alien’ In English Class

Photo: Christian McGhee, Central Davidson High School. Courtesy of McGhee family.

FREE SPEECH VIOLATION: Using the term "illegal alien" is reportedly an infraction worthy of suspension in a North Carolina high school.

The Carolina Journal described an incident in Central Davidson High School in Lexington where 16-year-old Christian McGhee was suspended for three days last week over the term ILLEGAL ALIEN.

The North Carolina high school student was suspended on the basis of "racism" after using the term 'illegal alien' on an assignment and is worried the "racism label on his school record will harm his future goal of receiving a track scholarship.

The assistant principal has so far refused to remove the infraction from Christian’s record. The family is working with an attorney to remedy the situation so it doesn’t harm Christian’s future, and they expect more developments in the days ahead.



Weathering The Storm With Ryan Weaver

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