Senate child-safety hearing, America's Illegal Immigration Crisis, 3 Brave Soldiers

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  • Grieving Parents Stand for their Children in Heated Senate Hearing

  • America's Illegal Immigration Crisis Is Alarming Thanks To Biden

  • Karine Jean-Pierre sounds worse than Biden, and struggles to offer condolences to 3 BRAVE soldiers killed in Jordan.

Grieving Parents Stand for their Children in Heated Senate Hearing

The chief executives of the nation's top social media companies are on Capitol Hill today having new orifices opened up on them in a Senate hearing over child safety, with lawmakers accusing the tech leaders of failing to protect kids from exploitation and abuse.

Senator Lindsey Graham told Zuckerberg that he and the other companies have blood on their hands, as parents of children who have been victimized, some of whom have died as a result of online sexual exploitation, held up signs with their children’s pictures on them.

This hearing is a small but important step into accountability and change.I can tell you from my own experiences as well as others I have spoken with, that it is exhausting to sit through hearings concerning the death of someone you love.

On the one hand, the storm raging inside of you demands that you show up every single time. On the other, the agony inside of you begs to make it stop.

It must be both empowering and painful for the families of these children to be there and hear one line of BS after another.

But thanks to Senator Hawley, their pain was at least acknowledged with an apology from Zuckerberg. 

During an intense Q&A session, Hawley questioned Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg if he's paid any personal compensation to victims' families. Upon Zuckerberg's reply that he "didn't think so" Hawley badgered Zuck into an apology to the parents present today.

No doubt these parents carry extraordinary pain and heartbreak with them. Losing a child has to be the worst pain there is. And yet, rather than sit back and expect change to simply happen on its own, these parents are stepping forward to humanize a multi-billion dollar industry's catastrophic ripple effects on innocent lives.

God Bless these families as they personify the concept of using their pain for a positive purpose.

- Barb

America's Illegal Immigration Crisis Is Shattering Century-old Records With Alarming Numbers

2023: 3,201,144
2022: 2,766,582
2021: 1,956,519
2020: 405,036
2019: 859,501
2018: 404,142
2017: 310,531
2016: 415,816
2015: 337,117
2014: 486,651
2013: 420,789
2012: 364,768
2011: 340,252
2010: 463,382

On President Biden's inaugural day, he introduced policies that incentivize illegal immigration:

  • Paused Deportations

  • Suspended "Remain in Mexico"

  • Stopped Border Wall Construction

Since Biden's policy changes, over 8 million people have illegally entered the country, with millions more slipping past border patrol undetected.

This surge in illegal immigration is a national security crisis, costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions per year.

Major U.S. cities, grappling with the escalating financial burden, are slashing budgets for essential services such as fire, police, and education.

President Biden holds the power to halt this crisis that is draining America's resources and endangering its citizens.

The solution is as simple as the actions that led to this crisis—Biden should use his pen to reverse his executive orders.

"No great nation can be in a position where they can't control their borders. It matters how you control your borders. Not just for immigration, but it matters for drugs, terror, and a whole range of things." — Joe Biden


A Florida woman delivered a baby in a Lyft, with help from her cousin and the driver. When she started going into labor at her home, the mother called a Lyft for assistance. She contacted her cousin during the ride, who followed them on the way to the hospital.

The Lyft driver knew they wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time, so he pulled over. With the driver and her cousin’s help, the baby was delivered without a hitch. Both baby and Mom are happy and healthy.


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Condolences to the families of these fallen soldiers who were killed in Jordan early this week.

Sgt. William Jerome Rivers, 46
Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders, 24
Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett, 23

These three brave American Soldiers are HEROES who paid the ultimate sacrifice serving their country. 🙏



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