Republicans Indicted in Arizona For Challenging the 2020 Election

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  • Republicans Indicted in Arizona For Challenging the 2020 Election

  • Majority of America likes the idea of mass deportations

  • Airlines Must Refund Delays and Cancellations

Let’s Just Rename the Criminal Justice System, the Leftist Lunacy System

But then again that would be redundant, wouldn’t it.

While New York is busy deploying tax dollars and public office firepower against Trump, ignoring the statute of limitations and elevating already baseless misdemeanor charges to felonies, Arizona is joining the party with indictments against 11 Republicans who had the audacity to submit a document to Congress, with a statement to the effect of Trump having actually won Arizona during the 2016 election.

Arizona, the state that is welcoming people who break the law by crossing our border illegally- if that word even applies to the border anymore- is more concerned with doing whatever it takes to maintain its power than in protecting our country from being burned to the ground.

Even if it means violating the law to do so, itself.

It even went so far as to leak Trump’s name as an “unindicted co-conspirator.”

On December 14, 2020, in Phoenix, the 11 individuals nominated as Arizona's Republican electors convened to formally declare themselves as duly elected and qualified electors, asserting Trump's victory in the state.

The Arizona Republican Party shared a brief video of the signing ceremony on social media. Despite its submission to Congress and the National Archives, the document was ignored. 

Apparently someone decided to acknowledge it now, as the Red wave that failed to reach shore in the last election round seems to be building this time around.

And we can’t have that, can we.

Think for a moment - if people in power can so blatantly point the judicial system at people like Trump and other powerful people at whim… what can they do to us?

We are merely peasants- pawns in their game. We are disposable, expendable, useful idiots who exist merely for them to rule over and extort for their own gain.

It pains me to say this, as it is always painful to finally acknowledge a truth we’d give anything to disprove- but America is not, in fact, free. 

We are being poisoned with our food, and pharmaceuticals. We live in towns where we have to ask permission, and pay a fee, to renovate our own homes. We are even supposed to pay to register our dogs with the local government. 

A shocking amount of Americans readily complied with rules telling us we are not allowed outside, we must wear masks, and even inject ourselves with an experimental vaccine that is now proven to be dangerous and in many cases- deadly. 

And those same Americans mocked those of us who refused to buy into any of that..

What’s next, America?

If these court cases prevail- if the Left maintains its hold on power come November, get ready for the Leftist Lunacy system to be turned on you. 

- Barb Allen - Follow On Instagram

Mass Deportation: America's Great Divide

It turns out Americans don’t like it when thousands of unknown people cross the border every day and commit crimes, take resources away from hard-working Americans, and overrun communities.

That’s why a majority of America is warming up to the idea of mass deportations.

A recent Axios Vibes survey by The Harris Poll revealed that half of Americans, including 42% of Democrats and 45% of Latinos, support mass deportations of undocumented immigrants.

This shift in public opinion has sparked a debate on the need for more effective immigration policies from both Democrats and Republicans, highlighting concerns about the impact of undocumented immigrants on communities, such as increased crime and resource strain.


New Federal Rule: Airlines Must Refund Delays and Cancellations

Airlines must now refund passengers if a domestic flight is delayed by over 3 hours or if an international flight is delayed by over 6 hours. Refunds will be automatic for cancellations instead of travel credits. Baggage fees will be refunded for bags that arrive more than 12 hours late for a domestic flight. Refunds will also be given for purchased services if the airline fails to deliver. The rule eliminates hidden fees and includes check-in/baggage fees in the airfare.

The new rules do not yet have a formal effective date but will likely go into effect in May.


BIDEN, reading from his teleprompter: "Four more years? Pause?" It's all completely staged.


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