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  • Electric Vehicle manufacturers pump the brakes on production

  • Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Creates a Soap That Treats Melanoma

  • I stand with America

  • Your Reminder to Just…Breathe!

Musk and Other EV Manufacturers Pump The Brakes

A lackluster consumer demand for electric cars has Elon Musk and other EV producers rethinking plans for growth and production.

In a recent update, Musk expressed concerns about rising interest rates potentially driving up vehicle costs beyond what people can comfortably afford. Given the current economic hardships people are experiencing, with no apparent relief in sight, Tesla’s plans for a factory in Mexico are being given a second thought.

Tesla isn’t the only car manufacturer changing its plans…

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Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Creates a Soap That Treats Melanoma

Millions of lives will potentially be saved thanks to the incredible work of fourteen-year-old Heman Bekele, a ninth-grader from Fairfax County, Virginia.

Bekele has earned the distinction of being named America’s Top Young Scientist for his extraordinary breakthrough in the treatment of low-grade skin cancer.

Heman Bekele’s creation is “MTS” (Melanoma Treating Soap). It works by rejuvenating the skin with dendritic cells, which play a crucial role in protecting the skin and combating cancer. An Ethiopian native, Bekele says it was the devastating difference in melanoma recovery rates in the United States (99%) as opposed to regions south of the Sahara (20%) that inspired his work.

Bekele says he combined a few affordable compounds that make the soap not only effective but affordable.


Rapper 50 Cent calls out Joe Biden for sleeping on the beach while our country and world suffers because of his failures!

The Philadelphia Eagles left open 10 seats with American flags to honor the American hostages still being held by Hamas terrorists

Bill Maher urged students not to go to elite colleges because doing so “just makes you stupid” and that these elite schools are “North Korean re-education camps”

DeSantis says if foreign students on Visas are celebrating terrorism, they need to be sent home! Do you agree?

Andy Frisella the CEO of @1stphorm says he stands with America and its citizens! Who do you stand with?

The Great American Summit our annual that is built on the foundation of the immense opportunities we have as Americans, our gratitude for those who serve, and our responsibility to utilize those opportunities for ourselves and others. Here’s another video from this year’s event in Dallas Texas.

Your Reminder to Just…BREATHE

Yes I know breathing is an involuntary thing. But when was the last time you really breathed? As in, you literally stopped yourself in your tracks, closed your eyes, and breathed? When you filled your lungs with glorious fresh air, tilted your face into the wind, or the sun, or the night or the rain, and actually experienced the moment you are in?

Did you know it’s been proven that even as few as six slow, full, prolonged breaths can improve your mind, body, and soul? Especially if you hold your breath for just a few seconds when you’ve breathed in. Have you been told how it not only improves circulation and lung capacity, and even reduces inflammation over time? Have you experienced how those six deep breaths can immediately alter your mood, reducing or even eliminating tension, anxiety, and anger that is causing you to clench your jaw and your face, to tighten your shoulders, in ways you aren’t even aware of?

Can you imagine how different social media would be if we all paused to take six deep breaths before we posted content or fired off an emotional, divisive comment? How about the decisions we make at work, the snappish words we toss out to friends, daily, colleagues, and even perfect strangers?

In this world we all live in today, we are often smashed up against one another literally and figuratively. We are stressed, with so many people crumbling under the weight of the economy, with health issues from the bombardment of toxins we are prescribed and we are immersed in without even realizing it. We are so busy trying to get by, to get ahead, to get one over on the person who wronged us, that we forget how precious each moment really is.

We take these moments for granted.

What a tragedy.

While Lou’s murder is what first awakened me to the fragility with which we all face every day, I recognize daily reminders of this that help me rapidly put things into a graceful perspective. Yesterday my future daughter-in-law was lucky to avoid injury when a driver on I95 smashed into her car and sped off. One woman I follow on social media has left me in awe with her open sharing on her battles, from her toddler who fought and beat cancer, to her lost babies, and most recently, as she risked her own life to bring her son into this world. Her grace and faith inspire me.

So I challenge you this: Stop right now and take six deep, full, slow breaths. Feel your fingers tingle with the rush of oxygen. Feel your inner self stabilize. Make it a point to find one social media account that inspires you.

Do this every day, and you will thank yourself.


- Barb


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