President Trump Delivers Pizza To The FDNY

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  • A Beginning “To-Do” List To Make America Great Again

  • Elon Musk, Experts Debate US National Debt

  • Clap Along If You Feel Happiness Is The Truth

A Beginning “To-Do” List To Make America Great Again.

There is so much happening in this country, the “to-do” list is HUGE, but here are some list items that would have massive impact and almost immediate returns.

Let’s start with Congress and Senate:

  • Term limits is the most immediate and obvious change that needs to happen. What if we all demand that the Republicans up for election or reelection sign a pledge to introduce and back a bill for term limits? Or.. that Trump commits to an executive order to implement this?

  • Each Representative is paid the median income from the state they represent. 

  • Lifelong healthcare is removed from their perks.

  • Single Item bills only! For real- why does this even have to be explained in the first place?

  • In the event we are told there is “not enough time” to vote on individual bills, may we offer this solution: All voting sessions are done remotely. Live, on ZOOM, like we all use. I’m sure we can create some secure method of doing so. This will limit the time previously allocated to travel, thus freeing up the time to pass bills.

  • No more taxpayer funded international travel for Congress or Senate. Unless you can explain why any of them need to do so in a way that makes sense. In that case, specific policy should be drawn up defining the very limited instances this is afforded- and they fly coach. Any upgrades to their travel expenses is on their own dime.

Next, let’s move into some general actions that need to take place


  • Massive Deportation of illegals.

  • Immediate action taken to ban noncitizens from voting in any election, or from holding a position as an elected official - especially on any election board.

  • Restore energy independence

  • End lobbying

That would all make an incredible new start for America in 2025. Once we get these taken care of we can move into things like:

The FDA actually doing what it is designed to do, and ensuring our food is not full of poison.

Forget about student loan forgiveness- how about forgiving everyone’s credit card debt, instead? You know… the debt millions of Americans have incurred to survive these last four years. 

There’s more - so much more. It’s time to get to work, America. Let’s start with the demands in this election. Make it clear we expect politicians to remember who they work for.

- Barb Allen - Follow On Instagram

Elon Musk, Experts Debate US National Debt

Elon Musk, experts, and others on X chimed in including Ed Krassenstein and The Wolf Of All Streets to discuss the US national debt in an online conversation sparked by H.R. McMaster's warning about World War III and the need for increased defense spending.

The discussion highlighted the challenges of tackling the national debt, the lack of understanding among policymakers, and the potential impact of rising interest rates.

Musk emphasized the need to address the issue to prevent the dollar's value from plummeting, while others suggested raising interest rates and questioned the actual existence of the national debt.

The conversation underscored the importance of addressing the US national debt to prevent potential economic and security crises.


Trump, bearing pizzas, met with cheers at Manhattan FDNY firehouse!

Former President Donald Trump was greeted with cheers Thursday as he delivered pizzas to a Manhattan firehouse after spending the day in court. 

Trump, 77, arrived at FDNY’s Engine Co. 8, Ladder Co. 2 in Midtown with two Xeno’s Pizza boxes in hand at around 5:30 p.m.

The campaign had dropped off 10 boxes of different pizzas, including pepperoni, for the hungry first responders prior to his arrival. 

“Sir, save us please,” another implored

The presumptive Republican nominee for president chatted with the firefighters, posed for photos, and signed a daybook and other items during the 10-minute campaign stop.

Source: NY POST


Do you want a break from Democrats behaving badly? This is hilarious. Great work here. Free Bird.


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