Prayers for Bears: Taya Kyle, Launches Inspirational Childrens’ Books on Faith

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  • Taya Kyle, Launches Inspirational Childrens’ Books on Faith

  • Hero neighbor risks life to help pull two people from their burning home

  • You can’t legislate LOVE!

American Sniper Widow, Taya Kyle, Launches Inspirational Childrens’ Books on Faith

I don’t really like dropping the “American Sniper” part into a title, because I know Taya as so much more than how most of the country knows her. I know she is more than her husband’s legacy and more than a blockbuster movie. And I know she has done remarkable things on her path, both carrying the love and pride she will always have for Chris, and the gifts that make her a force in her own right.

She is also an extraordinary mom to her kids, and friend to me.

So I am incredibly excited for her as she launches her first children’s book, Prayers for Bears.

If I could go back and do it all over, I’d have gifted my kids with more opportunities to tap into faith.

I pulled them out of Catholic religion classes when my second oldest made his First Communion: there was simply too much of a gap between how this was offered and what I believed to be good for my family.

After that I never took it upon myself to continue exposing them to messages of faith in ways they could connect with.

My youngest was still young enough then to have appreciated stories like this.

Do your kids and your family a favor, and roll this series into your home - Its messages on gratitude, resilience, and faith are ones all of us need. Why not help your kids with this now?

The ripple effect of faith won’t happen without intent. This is your chance to help turn that ripple into a wave.


HE'S ON THE ROOF!' A heart-stopping video shows a hero neighbor risk his own life to help pull two people from their burning home as firefighters rush to the building.


“You can't legislate love”

Here’s a short from Chad O Jackson speaking at our 2023 Great American Summit. Chad says diversity, equity, and inclusion bills have consequences


🚘 Good samaritans band together to overturn a flipped car and rescue a trapped woman. [Watch]

🚥 This is how Florida deals with protestors who block traffic. [Watch]

Rep. Thomas Massie is joining Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's efforts to oust Speaker Mike Johnson after he announced plans to bring Ukraine aid to a vote. [Read more]

✂️ Fed Chair Jerome Powell suggested interest rate cuts aren't coming anytime soon due to persistent inflation. [Read more]

🗽Trump is greeted warmly in Harlem, NY and vows to ‘straighten New York out’ while visiting a bodega where clerk Jose Alba was hit with a murder charge for stabbing an ex-con in self-defense. [ Read more ]


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