New York DA Fails to Stop for Speeding

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  • Will Gas Prices Go Even Higher this Week?

  • NY DA Sandra Doorley Refused to Stop for Police When Speeding

  • Pappy Shows Grandkids How to Retire a Flag

What Fresh Lunacy Awaits Americans This Week?

And… we’re off! It’s Monday, ladies, and gentlemen, and Americans awoke today wondering what fresh lunacy lies in store for us this week.

On the personal front, millions of Americans are playing debit card roulette, as one card after another fires blanks at the grocery store and gas pumps, while humiliation and frustration turns exhausted faces red.

If we have to hear “Bidenomics” one more time….

Will gas prices go even higher this week?

Should I pay my electric bill or my wifi? Thousands of families are now spared the expense of traveling to their child’s college graduation, thanks to the Palestine protests being given deference to pesky ceremonies for students whose high school graduation was Covid canceled, and were excited to walk for their college graduation. So there’s that silver lining, right?

Americans are either going about their business this week, intentionally tuning out current events to focus on putting out fires in their immediate vicinity, or they are fighting an inner battle much like driving past a car accident on the highway.. You know you shouldn’t look but you can’t help yourself. 

Will the Left win another round in its political persecution of their arch nemesis- our Constitution?

Because although Trump is the physical target of this battle, the Constitution is the real target. All the while, the government is quietly doing things like imposing ridiculous new regulations on cattle farmers, shutting down small family-operated farms providing fresh, healthy food to locals or jailing people for praying out loud. 

We are one week closer to the most tumultuous election cycle in our lifetime so far.

Millions of illegals are being imported to vote Democrat while college students are being brainwashed to do the same, while another faction of Americans is ridiculing anyone who believes we should vote, at all, saying that doing so somehow amounts to us volunteering to be Subjects. 

It’s unclear how that argument holds up against the daily struggle to keep our communities safe, pay our bills, ward off potentially lethal vaccine “mandates” and make the decisions we believe to be best for ourselves and our families, without compromising the sanctity of human life. 

It’s no wonder we are already exhausted before the workweek even begins.

But we are strong. And those of us remaining on the frontlines of freedom remain undeterred.

We got this. 


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Corrupt New York DA Sandra Doorley refused to stop when police tried to pull her over for speeding.

New York District Attorney Sandra Doorley runs from the police after an officer tried pulling her over, says she should get special treatment because she is the DA.

This is what you call a Corrupt Karen. Doorley said she "didn't feel like stopping" because she was "stressed" with murder cases.

The Corrupt Karen was driving 55 mph in a 35 mph zone and didn't pull over when police tried stopping her.

The DA went all the way to her home and called the police chief when the officer confronted her.

She tried arguing that she shouldn't be pulled over because she was driving a "black SUV."

The Monroe County DA later apologized for the incident but said she has "dedicated my entire 33-year career to the safety of this community."

Someone who thinks like this should not hold this power. [Watch]


How to retire a flag! This is so beautiful and wholesome. All kids should be raised in this manner. Let’s teach the next generation how we respect our flag and country. 🇺🇸


This Georgia state trooper had zero patience for this pro-Hamas extremist student who flopped to the ground and whined like a baby. The trooper quickly takes matters into his own hands and takes out the trash.


🇺🇦 Ukraine-U.S. Military Aid Plan: 10-Year Commitment [Read More]

🗳️ 1 in 5 mail-in-ballots was fraudulent according to a new study conducted by the Heartland Institute. [Watch]

✝️ Hollywood outcast Russel Brand explains why he's getting baptized [Watch]

🌪️ Tornadoes tear across America's heartland, leaving catastrophic destruction in multiple states [Read More]

☀️ Trump & DeSantis: Private Florida Powwow [Read More]



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