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  • New York County Executive Deputizing Private Citizens to Protect County in Face of Liberal Policies 

New York County Executive Deputizing Private Citizens to Protect County in Face of Liberal Policies 

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  • Deputizing Private Citizens to Protect County?

  • Pro-life company donates lifetime supply of diapers to Diller family

  • How To Overcome The Lies And Do Something Important

New York County Executive Deputizing Private Citizens to Protect County in Face of Liberal Policies 

New York has developed a very bad reputation these past few years. Taxes that were already onerous have become more so. Woke politicians are weaponizing their offices against political adversaries. Draconian lockdown and Show-me-Your-Papers policies were among the worst in the country. New York City is overrun with illegals and taxpayers are forced to subsidize those expenses - not to mention the impact- of them. 

Kim Keiserman, a state Senate candidate, described the provisional deputies as a “dangerous armed militia of vigilantes” in a post on X after attending a protest with Democratic lawmakers.

We have friends who have sworn NY off their travel list simply because they believe it is eerily similar to Socialist or even Communist Rule, or they will be victimized while here, or all New Yorkers are rude, woke, or crazy, and last but not least, because outsiders think only of concrete and skyscrapers when asked about New York, without considering that the city is only a sliver of the state.

What people don’t see is the resilient, kind, compassionate, hilarious, gorgeous, courageous, historic, exciting side of New york or New Yorkers. So I’m going to start sharing some of that here.

I’ll start with Nassau County executive Bruce Blakeman, who is taking matters into his own hands when it comes to protecting the residents of his county from Woke policies that have placed them at risk. Blakeman is deputizing private citizens and creating a database of these residents who complete training, to be called upon in the event of emergencies. 

Training is about to commence for this program, although, as Blakeman notes, most of the Deputies have already been trained, as the majority of them are former law enforcement or military personnel. Still, in an abundance of caution,they are all required to undergo training before being deputized. 

Blakeman emphasized that this program is only a slight deviation from already existing practices, in which residents can be deputized in emergency situations. He is simply taking a proactive approach by readying these men and women now, rather than having to go through the process after an emergency is upon them. 

In order to meet the program's eligibility criteria, candidates must possess a valid pistol license, which is not easy to acquire in New York. Additionally, they must agree to undergo a background check and provide a comprehensive mental health history.

Provisional deputies will be subjected to random drug testing, and they must have no history of alcohol or drug-related concerns. Furthermore, they must obtain medical clearance confirming their fitness for duty.

They will only be called upon when all other resources have been tapped, and will not be patrolling. Rather, they will be deployed to protect infrastructure, including hospitals, government buildings, churches, mosques and synagogues. 

Still, the Left is responding predictably, even going so far as to compare Blakemen - who is Jewish- and the deputies to Nazis and Brownshirts, referring to them as “vigilantes” and all the other nonsense out of their playbook.

Nassau County is on Long Island, just east of New York City, and has a population of  somewhere around 1.3 million people. Hochul and her cronies’ scorched earth approach to the ruling has immediate impact on this area.

Whatever it looks like from outside of New York, those of us who live here can attest to the fact that the derangement being played out in public does not reflect the true heart and spirit of New Yorkers. The Left has gone too far, and awakened too many sleeping bears in the process.

New Yorkers are roaring back - and we are just getting started.

- Barb Allen


The pro-life diaper company Everylife has donated a lifetime supply of diapers and wipes to the family of murdered NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller.

"At EveryLife, we believe in supporting families and honoring the sacrifices of those who serve their communities," said Sarah Gabel Seifert, co-founder and president of EveryLife, in a statement to Fox News Digital. 

"When we heard about the tragic loss of Officer Diller and the young son he left behind, we knew we had to help in any way we could."After Officer Jonathan Diller was senselessly murdered by an illegal immigrant, leaving behind a 15-month-old baby, one company knew they had to help in "any way" they could.


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