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  • Trapped in a Liberal Groundhog Day?

  • Legendary Country Star Toby Keith has Died at the Age of 62

  • Biden claims Trump is 'only reason' the border is not secure

Trapped In A Liberal Groundhog Day

Well, the groundhog may have predicted an early spring but unfortunately, that does not translate to our government. As far as politics and equality go, we are all trapped in a Liberal Groundhog Day.

While a sitting president was impeached- twice- on fictional charges, and is now forced to campaign at the same time he defends himself on almost a hundred other garbage charges lobbied by political opponents, the current Secretary of Homeland Security who is clearly guilty of impeachable offenses, has escaped a similar fate.

Perhaps this news would be shocking to us all somewhere around 4 - 5 years ago. Alas, today it is just another verse in the same song that has been playing on a loop for what feels like an eternity.

The “Rules for thee, not for Me” lyrics are being played out daily, over and over, in every scenario we see:

  • Hillary is proven to have made up the Steele Dossier- nothing happens to her

  • Hillary destroyed emails- nothing happens to her

  • Obama bugged Trump’s building- nothing happens to him

  • Hunter Biden brings cocaine into the White House - nothing happens to him

  • Hunter Biden lies on gun application- nothing happens to him

  • Hunter Biden is guilty of tax evasion- nothing happens to him

  • Biden lies to the American people about - well- everything- but in particular, about his pay-to-play scheme with Hunter- not impeached

  • Pelosi - don’t get me started on all the things she’s done! And nothing happens to her.

I could go on but we could all write the rest of this song, couldn’t we? Last night’s pathetic failure to impeach Mayorkas is just another verse in the same song. 

If you’re like me, you are both determined to restore America’s songs - all of them- the songs about letting freedom ring, and being the land of the free. If you’re like me, you’re also, at times, exhausted from the pounding we are all taking. You’re exhausted from attempting to comprehend how so many people- including some of your own family and friends- turned on you during the “pandemic” or attempting to convince you that you are racist and should apologize for the color of your skin. 

I know. I get it. It is exhausting.

But I know why I refuse to give up. The folded flag in my home, the still-gaping wound on my heart, the reality of seeing my boys grow up and move into adulthood without their amazing father and all the things he would have taught them - that is all too steep a price to pay, and just allow it to go to waste. 

Maybe you don’t have that particular “why.” But  I know you have your own- maybe you are serving now or have served, or love someone who serves our country or your community. 

Or, maybe you just appreciate and value the beauty of our country and refuse to allow it to die. Maybe you have kids and grandkids you know will suffer, if you simply roll over and give in.

Whatever your “Why” may be, turn that into your own song.

Play that over and over, on a loop in your mind and in your heart, and let that help you until the day this Liberal Groundhog Day finally, mercifully - shall we say, peacefully and patriotically- ends :)

- Barb

Legendary Country Star Toby Keith Has Died At The Age Of 62

Toby Keith was ‘God, family, country’: Country star John Rich praises late artist’s patriotism.

'He was instrumental after 9/11 with some of his music and what he did for our veterans,' Rich says

Country music icon John Rich recently weighed in on the late Toby Keith’s legacy, especially the deep love of country and the U.S. military he had that transcended political divides. 

"Toby Keith was a patriot, you know, and he did not care who had a problem with it," Rich told Fox News Digital this week. 

Keith, one of country music’s most popular artists of all time, died Monday night at the age of 62 after a battle with stomach cancer. His passing was mourned by the country music community and the world.

RIP Toby Keith



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Legacy Media is calling Tucker a traitor for interviewing Putin 😆

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