Mob Smashes Windows And Breaks Into Columbia Academic Hall

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  • Non Citizens Will Vote in Washington DC Elections

  • Mob Smashes Windows And Breaks Into Columbia Academic Hall

  • Trump And DeSantis Burying The Hatchet

Non-Citizens Will Vote in Washington DC Elections

Using taxpayer funds, the District of Columbia is mailing out information to invite non-citizens to the ballot box this November.

This, not long after a California town placed a Chinese citizen living in America, on its election commission - even though she is not (yet) permitted to vote in the election she now has a role in overseeing.

Tell me again, that the Democrats are not hellbent on destroying America.

Residents in DC received a flier informing them that it is not required to be a citizen, to vote for the positions of mayor, Attorney General, members of the DC Council, members of the State Board of Education, and Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners. They may also vote on initiative, referendum, recall, and charter amendment issues. 

This means, for instance, a Russian citizen employed at the Russian embassy and thus residing in DC even for as little as 30 days, is now allowed to vote in elections. 

In 2021, the New York City Council passed legislation that would allow non-citizens (at that time there were “only” around 800,000) to vote in local elections. 

In 2022, State Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio, based in Staten Island, said in a written decision that the legislation is illegal and violates the state constitution, which only provides for citizens to vote. [Watch]

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ESCALATING TERROR: Antisemitic Mob Smashes Windows And Breaks Into Columbia Academic Hall As They Ramp Up Violence To Seize Control Of The Dean’s Building.

Pro-Palestine protesters have seized Hamilton Hall at Columbia University and barricaded themselves inside.

The move came just hours after the school began suspending students over the protests.

The protesters draped a banner after taking over the building that read “Intifada” which means uprising.

Columbia officials are now advising members to avoid the main campus because of the protest.

According to CNN, about 200 people barricaded the doors and about a dozen people are inside the building. [Read More]


Trump and DeSantis burying the hatchet is one of those things that’s good for everyone and most hardcore supporters of each probably won’t be able to see it. It’s good for Trump. It’s good for DeSantis. There are no downsides to it. It’s all about winning in November!


A group of pro-Gaza protesters won't let this Jewish student pass to go to class at UCLA. Pretty sure this is illegal!


🚨 Three U.S. Marshals were killed, and five officers were wounded after a suspect opened fire on them as they served a warrant in Charlotte, North Carolina [Read More]

🤣 Hunter Biden’s legal team reportedly sent a letter threatening to sue Fox News “imminently” over its portrayal of the president's son. [Read More]

👨‍⚕️ Vitamin D shows protective effects against cancer, according to a new study from the U.S. National Institutes of Health and other global health institutions. [Read More]

💩 MSNBC host Nicole Wallace implies Donald Trump will shut down the press if he wins the election [Watch]

Nancy Pelosi FREAKS OUT when MSNBC host fact-checks her misleading claim about Trump live on air. [Watch]

🎭 Jerry Seinfeld blasts the left's destruction of comedy. [Watch]



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