Memorial Day 2024, Hillary blames women, and the WHO is denied their draconian treaty

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  • Memorial Day 2024: Honoring the Fallen Heroes

  • Hillary Clinton Blames Women For Her 2016 Loss

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) negotiators failed to draft a pandemic treaty.

“Some things are believed because they are demonstrably true. But many other things are believed simply because they have been asserted repeatedly—and repetition has been accepted as a substitute for evidence.”

Thomas Sowell

On Memorial Day 2024, social media platforms were filled with posts honoring and remembering the sacrifices of military personnel who lost their lives in service, with a few exceptions…

Social Media users shared personal stories, expressed gratitude, and highlighted the day's importance.

There were also discussions about the true meaning of the holiday, with some users correcting misconceptions and emphasizing the day's significance.

The posts included a mix of personal reflections, tributes to fallen soldiers, and calls to remember and honor the sacrifices made for freedom.

While some others appeared to be unaware of the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day…

‘Squad’ members Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Cori Bush (D-MO) appeared to confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day.

They faced criticism and deleted their Memorial Day posts on social media after realizing the mistake.

This led to widespread backlash and discussions on their understanding of American history and commitment to honoring the nation's fallen heroes.

Hillary Clinton Blames Women For Her 2016 Loss

Ladies, Congratulations.

According to election denier Hillary Clinton, we are the reason she lost the 2016 election.

If ever we have been accused of something silly, this one is at least something I’d be happy to own.

Where Hillary had grand delusions of being the first female president, she also had and holds on to this day, similar delusions of herself as inspirational and persecuted at the same time.

She champions herself as a Leader among women, in a party that cannot define what a woman is.

And she blames us for losing to Trump, rather than considering the notion that she is herself so “deplorable” that Americans will reject her for all of time.

At least, the women will- the women who know what a woman is, and the women who see right through her pandering.

As for the men, well - it’s unclear if she blames you at all. But then again she is very forgiving of male transgressions against her.

Except when it comes to Trump, of course.

In her latest attempt to be relevant, Clinton gave an interview for her new book, “The Fall of Roe: The Rise of a New America.” It was in this interview that she said the investigation into her deleted emails turned women against her.

Women, she said, couldn’t vote for her after that because she is supposed to be “perfect.”

“They left me because they just couldn’t take a risk on me, because as a woman, I’m supposed to be perfect. They were willing to take a risk on Trump — who had a long list of, let’s call them flaws, to illustrate his imperfection — because he was a man, and they could envision a man as president and commander in chief," Clinton said.

So, Ladies how about we do it again? And let’s let the men join in, too. Let’s all earn a badge of honor in November, as we vote the Left out and begin swinging the pendulum back to this country’s core values. 


Great news! The World Health Organization has announced that the proposed pandemic treaty did not pass. This treaty was an attempt by global leaders to impose lockdowns and vaccines during future pandemics, bypassing the sovereignty of independent nations.

We are winning!


This 1-minute video powerfully demonstrates the true meaning of Memorial Day. Let’s honor and remember the brave souls who sacrificed for our freedom every single day this year. 🙏🇺🇸



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