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  • Indiana High School Student Who Refused To Remove American Flag From Truck Fulfills Dying Wish Of Young Boy

Indiana High School Student Who Refused To Remove American Flag From Truck Fulfills Dying Wish Of Young Boy

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  • Rutgers Student Voices Support Of Patriotic Movement

  • Indiana High School Student Who Refused To Remove American Flag From Truck Fulfills Dying Wish Of Young Boy

  • Wisconsin 8th Grader Saved Lives When He Took Over Steering Of Bus

Rutgers Student Voices What Every American Who is Not a Liberal is Asking

Rutgers student Stephen Wallace became a national spokesman when he asked the question every clear-headed American is asking:  “Why are we capitulating to people who don’t really care about this country?”

Wallace, like the rest of us, is sick of how the country is being hijacked by fringe groups who clearly hate America. Who is funding these groups, anyway? Some of the protestors have no idea what they are even protesting. They are just showing up to join what looks like a good time.

There are reports that some of the protestors are being paid thousands of dollars to create chaos.

And universities like Rutgers are bending right on over to accommodate them.

While Columbia students are making demands that include canceling finals due to students needing to recover from the “trauma” of police breaking up illegal protests, Rutgers has already agreed to eight out of the ten demands students issued, including displaying flags of “occupied peoples” on all campuses and offering scholarships to Gazan students- after Rutgers postponed finals.

Wallace spoke for many of us when he noted how tired we all are of this idiocy. 

It has to end somewhere. 

The question is... where?

- Barb Allen - Follow On Instagram

Indiana High School Student Who Refused To Remove American Flag From Truck Fulfills Dying Wish Of Oklahoma Boy

Cameron Blasek, the 17-year-old from Indiana who stood his ground when administrators demanded he remove an American flag from his truck, just drove 16 hours to fulfill the dying wish of an Oklahoma boy.

Blasek received a heartfelt message earlier this month from the family of Jaxon, a 13-year-old who chose not to proceed with chemotherapy after battling cancer since the age of two.

Jaxon’s final wish was to ride to his resting place in Blasek's decorated truck.

Blasek and his father drove 16 hours from Indiana to Oklahoma to fulfill his wish. Blasek and his father carried Jaxon's body to the cemetery, with the entire town offering support to the grieving family


The 8th-grade dance for this kid is going to be LIT. Acie Holland III, an eighth-grade student in Wisconsin was on the school bus home with his classmates when the driver lost consciousness.

“I checked to see if the driver was okay and I yelled, but she was unconscious and didn’t respond,” he said. “So I took the wheel and straightened out the bus, then I moved her foot off the gas pedal.”

The 14-year-old then successfully steered the bus onto a curb and braked, avoiding oncoming traffic. The driver later regained consciousness. 🇺🇸


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