Illegal Alien Who Crossed The Border Under Biden Raped A 13-year-old NYC Girl

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  • Dr. Peter McCullough Documentary When the Hippocratic Oath Becomes the Hypocritic Oath

  • Ecuadorian Illegal Alien Who Crossed The Border Under Biden Raped A 13-year-old NYC Girl

  • 98-Year-Old Veteran Becomes The Oldest Organ Donor In America

those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves

Dr Peter McCullough Documentary When the Hippocratic Oath Becomes the Hypocritic Oath

Dr Peter McCullough has been relentless in his campaign to expose truths about our medical system. These truths are highly unpopular with Big Pharma and the politicians owned by it. They are equally unpopular with hospitals and doctors that knowingly profit from medical malfeasance.

McCullough has been censored, mocked, harassed, and professionally punished for daring to uphold the Hippocratic Oath and demanding all medical professionals do the same. But he remains unwavering.

We were honored to have Dr Peter McCullough speak at our Great American Summit. His unassuming graciousness belies the tenacity beneath his quiet demeanor.

Now, Dr. McCullough has a new documentary out that manages to tell the story about the demise of American medicine, the egregious acts that took place during COVID, and what it all means for us. He also teaches a bit about the origins of immunity for medical malpractice in the case of a pandemic, and it may surprise some of you - as it did me- to know of earlier close calls with what we saw during COVID. 

He does so through the story of one patient, Clifton Dawley, and his family. 

For anyone who experienced the agony of seeing a loved one hospitalized and given treatments that ultimately killed them, this documentary will be extremely hard to watch - but it will resonate deeply with you, and remind you that you are not alone.

For the rest of us, it will humanize the COVID tragedies in a new way. 

Clifton’s son Stephen is not stopping in his own pursuit of the truth and creating change. His words about the Hippocratic Oath becoming the Hypocratic Oath should become a new battle cry against medical malfeasance. 

Ecuadorian Illegal Alien Who Raped A 13-Year-Old NYC Girl Was Ordered To Be Removed By An Immigration Judge Two Years Ago!

Ecuadorian Illegal Alien Who Crossed The Border Under Biden Raped A 13-year-old NYC Girl

The Face Of Evil And The Biden Administration

Two 13-year-old children were violently attacked and one of them was sexually assaulted by an illegal immigrant with a history of criminal offenses, who was captured and released into this country.

Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, 25, is well-known in his neighborhood. As soon as the NYPD released his image, residents began looking for him.

Everybody knew who we were looking for," said NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny. "We had tips coming in actually naming the perpetrator. They knew who he was. They saw him out on the street."

When they spotted him, they were not about to let him get away.

"The rapist came to the store, and we'd usually be right here, and we spotted him, so my friend launched on him with a girl," a neighborhood resident named Forge told Fox News Digital. "They did what they had to do."

Multiple people got involved in the capture of Inga-Landi, who attempted to hide underneath a car. When police arrived, Inga-Landi was taken, shirtless and bleeding, into custody.

He is said to have admitted to the crime in a police interview. According to the complaint, he forced the two children, one boy and one girl, to walk into the woods at knifepoint. Snapping at them to “shut up”, he gagged them and tied them together, then sexually assaulted the girl.

Inga-Landi entered the U.S. illegally through Eagle Pass, Texas, in 2021, according to authorities. He was captured and released.  DNA collected at the time provided the match to a water bottle at the scene of this crime, prosecutors said.

Between the time Inga-Landi took advantage of our open borders in 2021, and this attack, he had several low-level prior offenses, including subway fare jumping and drinking in public, authorities said.

He was also involved in a domestic violence incident where no charges were filed, and he had an unspecified arrest in Texas.

At the time of his arrest, there was an immigration warrant out for his arrest.

An immigration judge in New York City ordered Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, 25, to leave the country on Feb. 2, 2022, according to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sources.

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oldest organ donor in america

Orville Allen, a 98-year-old veteran and educator from Missouri, became the oldest American to donate an organ posthumously. His liver was successfully transplanted to a 72-year-old woman.

Allen’s family decided to donate his liver after he suffered a fatal head injury from a fall. The liver was deemed suitable for transplant despite Allen’s age. T

his donation highlights the growing trend of older adults becoming organ donors, with over 100,000 people on the waiting list.


This Is Uber Heartwarming….


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