House Democrat becomes the first Squad member ever defeated in a primary battle

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  • Judge Partially Lifts Trump Hush Money Gag Order

  • Hospital Workers Make Over 200,000 Beds For Children In Need

  • House Democrat Becomes The First Squad Member Ever Defeated In A Primary Battle

Judge Partially Lifts Trump Hush Money Gag Order

Tomorrow’s debate is about to get a little spicier, given Judge Merchan’s amendment of Trump’s gag order.

While Trump is still prohibited from comments about court staff, the juror’s or the judge’s family - including Merchan’s daughter who has used the trial as a vehicle to raise money-  Trump is now free to speak about witnesses. 

Judge Juan M. Merchan’s decision, days before Trump’s debate with President Joe Biden, permits Trump to resume criticizing his former lawyer Michael Cohen, adult film actress Stormy Daniels, and other witnesses.

Trump was convicted on May 30 for falsifying records to conceal a potential sex scandal, making him the first former president convicted of a crime.

The gag order fits the theme of a defendant being denied constitutional rights to defend himself - the theme that has been in shocking play with the onslaught of insane cases against Trump.

Trump's legal team requested the complete removal of the gag order, arguing it unjustly limited Trump’s First Amendment rights post-trial. Trump claimed the gag order prevented him from defending himself while Cohen and Daniels continued to publicly criticize him.

The Manhattan district attorney's office requested that the gag order’s restrictions on comments about jurors, court staff, and the prosecution team remain until Trump’s sentencing but agreed to allow Trump to comment on witnesses post-trial.

Post-conviction, Trump criticized the "nasty gag order" and tested its limits by calling Cohen a "sleazebag" and expressing dissatisfaction with the jury in a Newsmax interview, calling Manhattan a "very, very liberal Democrat area,” and noting none of the jurors so much as cracked a smile. 

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When the hospital workers at North Pinellas learned that every night in Tampa, 6,000-8,000 children were without a bed, they came together to build beds on their time off.

This initiative started 6 years ago, and every year since, they have continued to show up and keep building. One worker mentioned that while building beds is fun, seeing the children's reactions is priceless.

The hospital partners with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an organization committed to ensuring "no child sleeps on the floor in our town!" To date, they have delivered 200,000 beds to children in need. Thanks to this partnership, children who previously slept on couches, blankets, and even floors now have a sturdy bed, free of charge.

This not only resulted in the construction of beds but also brought happiness and better health to the children. Love to see this!


Freedom Is Everything


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