Dark humor, Illegal Aliens in the military, and farm dog of the year

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  • Sacrificing Compassion for Comedy and Clicks

  • Democrat Dick Durbin Wants to Put Illegal Aliens into Our Military

  • Michigan Town Replaces Entire Local Board To Fight Against Chinese-Owned Plant

Sacrificing Compassion for Comedy and Clicks

When is something funny, and when is it too far? Turns out this creates a lively debate. And I welcome your opinion here, too. 

As for me - well, my thoughts on this have changed over the past few years, in direct correlation with personal events in my own life and with the plunge away from compassion we as a People appear to have taken. 

It feels as though we have been pushed so far for so long now, that we have lost the ability to maintain a high road.

What do I mean by this?

I mean we have been told we are racists and terrorists for refusing to apologize for the color of our skin, or allow our young children to read pornographic books in school.

We have been told we are selfish “Grandma Killers” for refusing to buy into the lies about COVID, or take the shot.

We have been told we are just bad human beings for refusing to call a man “Ma’am” or not wanting that same man to change with our daughters in the female locker rooms, or to compete against her in sports. 

We are being called more bad things for insisting we protect our borders before we defend another country’s borders, and wanting to deport people who came here illegally not just at our financial expense, but at our personal safety expense. 

But worse than that- we have been censored, threatened with legal action or in some cases, faced with legal action for these very things as well.

And we have HAD IT.

So it’s understandable that we are sort of purging ourselves now, when so many kept quiet for so long. I get how frustration makes it feel like it’s now acceptable to dehumanize others, the way we have been dehumanized for so long.

But…. is it?

The jokes and memes about the Titanic exploration trip, where everyone was killed, are a good example of misplaced frustration- those people did nothing to any of us yet here we were as a collective unit, mocking and meming away, and shaming those who dared say… “Hey, maybe we should show some compassion here.”

Just this week I scrolled through IG, happy to stop on one of my favorite comedians for a workday giggle. But instead, I was left feeling saddened and maybe even a little defeated. Because this clip wasn’t just about advocating for abortion, which I can grasp - I believe the majority of people frothing at the mouth to preserve abortion cannot possibly understand how an abortion is actually performed on infants who can feel pain, and I see an opening there to slowly change that.

But in this instance, the comedian was mocking abortion and insisting he receive proper recognition not just as a “hitman” for murder if he should ever be arrested for his girlfriend’s abortion, but as a murderer himself. More specifically, he wants the badge of honor for killing a relative because as he says, he “found her up inside my lady.”

Finally, his big finish on this piece was when his girlfriend wanted to go for drinks when he picked her up after her abortion, but he told her “It’s probably not smart to drink on an empty stomach.”

His audience clapped and laughed along.

I believe this clip personifies the point that “Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

But more importantly, to me, it spotlights how far we have deviated from the course of humanity, where we think abortion is funny.

There is a difference between dark humor, where we joke about hard or tragic events in our lives- largely as a coping mechanism- and where we mock those events in others’ lives. 

This clip crossed the line for me. I’m not sure excited to give it any more juice with additional views, but it’s worth it to get your feedback. 

Watch it, and let me know what you think!  Maybe I’ll invite you to my podcast to discuss!

- Barb

Democrat Dick Durbin Wants to Put Illegal Aliens into Our Military

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has a plan to both bolster our military and find something to do with all the illegal aliens the Democrats have welcomed into our towns- enlist them in the military!

"What troubles me about the debate now about the southern border is that it is one-half of the immigration equation," he said. The other half is that, "There's also an incredible demand for legal immigration into this country, even now.

No worries, though. Durbin is sure this legislation is the solution. Even as he talks about disarming legal American citizens out of one side of his mouth, he speaks about intentionally arming illegal aliens- while also welcoming them into military bases and perhaps, one day, deploying them back to their homelands to fight- against their own people.
“...If you are an undocumented person in this country and you can pass the physical and the required test, background test, the like, that you can serve in our military, and if you do it honorably, we will make you citizens of the United States. Do we need that? Do you know what the recruiting numbers are at in the Army and the Navy and the Air Force? They can't reach their quotas each month. They can't find enough people to join our military forces. And there are those who are undocumented who want the chance to serve and risk their lives for that country. Should we give them a chance? I think we should."

What could possibly go wrong?

Should illegal migrants be allowed to serve in the United States Military? Let us know below...

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Michigan Town Replaces Entire Local Board To Fight Against Chinese-Owned Plant

As Americans are distracted with manufactured crises and division, one small town in Michigan got busy showing us all how to take our country back, one town at a time. 

A grassroots campaign led by newly elected supervisor Jason Kruse led to the recall of all seven board members of Green Charter Township. The recall came after the board refused to back down from its commitment to plans for Goiton High-tech Co.- a Chinese owned lithium battery company- to build a multi-billion dollar plant within the township. 

While state Democrats, including Governor Grethcen Whitmer, gushed over the 2300 jobs the plant would bring, citizens in the area were adamant about not wanting the plant. 

"There was a lot of questions," Kruse told Fox News. "We wondered, 'Well, are they bought and paid for by this company? Were they promised incentives somehow?' We'll never know that."

The board refused to listen to the people it represents- so the people recalled them, installed a new board, and even went so far as to change the locks on town hall.

Republicans, led by Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), have urged the Treasury Department's Committee on Foreign Investment to conduct an inquiry into the Chinese company. This call for investigation comes even as Gotion vehemently denies any association with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

GOP lawmakers pointed out that Gotion High-Tech's founder, Li Zhen, along with his son, holds memberships in CCP organizations. Additionally, the parent company's bylaws explicitly commit to "carry out Party activities." Despite Gotion's denial of CCP involvement, Republicans argue that the affiliations of the company's leadership raise valid questions, prompting the need for a thorough examination by the Committee on Foreign Investment.

The citizens of Green Charter Township agree. Let’s hope this story inspires other Americans to come together, cross those political aisles, and do what’s right for their towns and this country. Read more about this story «



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