From gridiron to SEAL, Moms for Liberty, and codes to blow up the world

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  • College quarterback ditches gridiron to become a Navy SEAL

  • Pentagon Official nabbed in human trafficking sting

  • Teacher Has Students Send Hate Mail to Moms for Liberty

  • Biden tells workers: "Look, my Marine has a code to blow up the world"

College Quarterback Leaves the Field Early to Pursue Becoming a Navy SEAL

A college football player is leaving college, his team, and the field behind to pursue becoming a Navy SEAL. Utah State quarterback Levi Williams shared this decision during a live radio interview on a Salt Lake station. 

“I just want to be in a spot where I can protect this great country where we get to play football with the freedom to do that,” Williams told KSL 97.5 FM. “I think this is the best country in the world, so I’d like to keep it that way and protect it as long as I can.”

Williams, who was instrumental in his team making it to the College Football Bowl Games, will finish his Junior year and this season out before taking the qualifying fitness test for the Navy SEAL Teams. 

Passing the challenging fitness test will be just the beginning for Levi. Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School is also known as Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training and is notorious for its dropout rate.  

Williams said he is following in the footsteps of his family’s military service. He chose the Navy SEALs because of the tightness and loyalty of these units, explaining, “What I love about their ethos and their motto is that no one guy is better than the other,” Williams said. “It takes all of them to complete a mission.

Levi Williams’ announcement and example is coming at a time when Americans are relentlessly besieged by anti-American rhetoric from our own citizens. Recruitment levels in at least one branch is so low, the military is practically begging those it kicked out for not taking the vaccine, to come back. Williams’ story is a much-needed surge of patriotism and heroism at a time when Americans need a morale boost. 

We wish Levi all the best, and we thank him in advance for his service.

Human Trafficking Sting Nabs 25 Suspects, Including Chief Pentagon Official

In a recent two-day human trafficking operation conducted in Coweta County, Georgia, the chief of staff for Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools in the U.S. Stephen Hovanic, was arrested. Hovanic was arrested along with 25 additional suspects who face charges ranging from prostitution to drugs, weapons, and outstanding warrants. Hovanic faces charges of pandering, a misdemeanor in the state of Georgia that encompasses soliciting the services of a prostitute, either for oneself or on behalf of a third party.

The DoDEA, according to its website, “... is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and managing prekindergarten through 12th grade educational programs on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD).” It serves active-duty military families and DoD families as the education system for their children across the world.  Hovanic, who had served as chief of staff for DoDEA Americas since October 2010, is currently on leave from his position.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the Haralson County Sheriff's Office, the Department of Homeland Security, and the nonprofit Frontline Response Out of Darkness team, orchestrated the sting operation with a focus on combating sex trafficking and aiding victims of homelessness. During the operation, six victims were rescued, and additional investigations were initiated against three individuals on charges related to human trafficking and drugs.

The demand for prostitution, emphasized Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Toby Nix, contributes to the sex-trafficking market, reinforcing the significance of addressing such crimes. As legal proceedings unfold, the Department of Defense Education Activity is declining to offer a comment about the case. William Griffin, DoDEA spokesman, is referring media inquiries to the local police jurisdiction involved in the case.  More on this story here «

Seattle Middle School Teacher Has Students Send Hate Mail to Moms for Liberty

A school district in Seattle is in the spotlight as a result of a recent assignment by a middle school teacher. The teacher at Jane Addams Middle School worked with a Gay-Straight Alliance coordinator, directing students to write nasty letters to Moms for Liberty.

Moms for Liberty is an outspoken opponent of sexual and pornographic materials being introduced to students. Its website describes its mission statement as “...fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating, and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.”

The Post Millennial reported that a message enclosed with the students’ letters read, "Dear Moms For Liberty, Please read the enclosed cards from concerned middle school students in Seattle, WA."

Moms For Liberty, upon receiving the package with a return address from Seattle Public Schools and the John Sanford Center for Educational Excellence, accused the school district of utilizing class time to indoctrinate and manipulate students. They likened it to the "building of the Red Guard in America," expressing concern over the potential ideological influence within the educational system. The group publicly shared images of the received package, claiming that the letters inside were crafted in class by Seattle middle school students and accused the organization of "bullying" LGBTQ youth. 

This incident highlights the indoctrination of students in public schools. Mom for Liberty is not backing down on this position, instead posting this on Elon Musk’s platform, X : “Seattle Public Schools are spending class time indoctrinating and weaponizing your children,” Moms For Liberty wrote on X. “The building of the Red Guard in America.” More on this story here «


Deadspin journalist targets young Kansas City Chiefs fan, falsely accuses him of wearing ‘black face’. See full story «

NYPD cops leave the force at an alarming rate — over 2,500 turned in badges so far in 2023. Watch video «

Elon Musk tells advertisers to ‘Fuck Off’. Watch video «

Joe Biden tells workers, “Look, my Marine has a code to blow up the world”. Watch video «

It should be illegal for this cognitively impaired man to be in charge of the nuclear codes!


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