Global Warming Nonsense and America's Junior Hockey Team Wins Gold

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  • May the Lord Bless and Keep Them… Far From Me

  • Dr. Willie Soon may become the most important Scientist of our time

  • America’s Junior hockey team wins gold and sings National Anthem

May the Lord Bless and Keep Them… Far From Me

I share this quote with you in the hopes it helps you as much as it helps me.

“May the Lord bless and keep them.. Far from me!”

I was teaching a workshop when the event host shared this quote with me. He had heard it years ago from someone else, and it stuck with him, too. 

Like so many of us, I have been burned, wounded, and hurt by people throughout my life. Some of this has been intentional. Some has not. And like most if not all of us, I have - even unintentionally- been the villain in someone else’s story. In the instances where the villain role has been mine, when I become aware of how I have hurt someone, my apology  is swift and sincere. When forgiveness and a second chance are offered, gratitude is the same.

When it is not - well - the best I then hope for is that the person at least is okay with the notion of me doing well in life, even if I am banished from their lives.

Like, for instance, the person who I once called one of my closest friends, until his new, much younger wife, decided she didn’t want me around him, and he decided to believe her accusations about me being unkind to her. In that instance, I was innocent of the offense. But not in his eyes, so he banished me. 

I’d like to think he at least still wishes me well, even though he thinks I’m an asshole. 

As for me, even though I remain deeply hurt by the loss of his friendship, I hope he and his wife are in fact living happily ever after. 

“May the Lord bless and keep them… far from me.”

In the past years I have learned how to create boundaries, believe in my own value as a human being, and refuse to allow anyone who willfully devalues or hurts me the right to be in my life. Or, in some cases, I simply bump them from my closest inner circle to a few circles out, where I remain friendly with them, wish them well, even occasionally offer them support - but I no longer put myself in a situation where they can hurt my heart or my life again. 

For this, I am often spoken harshly about. Rumors fly and are consumed as if gospel. It seems that some people respond poorly to the notion that I can no longer afford to expend my energy or offer my heart up to someone or something that hurts me - especially if it is them. 

But that is not my problem, is it? And I hope this quote helps you reach a place where you don’t allow things like this to weigh on you, either.

We are all flawed. No matter how good we strive to be, we will always fail someone. We will let people down. And like all people, we will be hurt by others- intentionally and unintentionally. For all of our sakes, rather than expend or project energy toward wishing unhappiness on those who hurt us - how about releasing that energy, and wishing them well -albeit it far from us? 

I never reached that level of spirituality when it came to the POS who killed Lou and Phil.  I admit I really hope hell is real, and he is in it. But everyone else who has wreaked havoc in my life can rest assured that I pray for them - May the Lord bless and keep them… far from me!”

- Barb

Astrophysicist Drops a Nuclear Bomb on the Entire Climate Change Narrative

This Astrophysicist who just left Harvard after 31 years just BLASTED the corruption of modern science as you’ve never seen, including shredding the C02 / Manmade Climate cult narrative.

"The whole problem of this global warming is a complete nothing," Dr. Willie Soon told Tucker Carlson.

He says he's 90% sure the sun, not carbon dioxide, is causing climate change and that the climate czars are so out of their minds that they are misleading the public.

"I really find that the whole problem of this global warming is a complete nothing, which means we should do nothing about it. Just go on and live life and adapt to it."

This message will never make mainstream media. You should probably share it for others to see. See the full story here.


We bet they won’t air this statement from Vivek on the 6 o'clock news. Watch «

New York City driver went off on pro-Palestine protesters calling them a bunch of "idiots" for blocking traffic! Watch «

A federal judge has charged Ray Epps with 100 hours of community service for his role in honorably instigating the Fedsurrection on J6. Watch «



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