Four-Year-Old Boy Survives A Night In The Wilderness

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  • Four-Year-Old Boy Survives A Night In The Wilderness

  • Fisherman And Friends Rescue 38 Dogs From Drowning In Lake

  • Navy women’s lacrosse team sings Toby Keith’s “Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue

Four-Year-Old Boy Survives A Night In The Wilderness

California boy, 4, who disappeared from campground found safe after 22 hours alone in wilderness

Collaboration between several law enforcement agencies and dozens of citizen volunteers paid off on Friday, as a missing four-year-old boy was found.

Christian Ramirez wandered away from his parents while at a campground in the Sierra National Forest and was reported missing on Thursday morning. A search team of approximately 50 officers and volunteers scoured the area looking for the child, who was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt - little protection from insects and chilly night air. 

 Christian tucked himself up underneath a lakeside tree for the night. Rescuers found him there the next morning, about ¼ mile from the campground. 

 “He was hungry and exhausted but otherwise in good health. We got him a sandwich and then carried him out to be reunited with Mom and Dad,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook.

Officials mentioned that the boy had wandered away and lost his sense of direction.

The sheriff’s office expressed gratitude to the public who volunteered in the search, “kept their eyes peeled, spread the word on social media, and sent prayers up.” “All of this undoubtedly helped to bring him home safely,” the department added.

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Bob Gist, a 61-year-old State Farm agent from Arkansas, and his friend Bradisle, accompanied by local fishing guide Jordan Chrestman, rescued 38 dogs from drowning in Grenada Lake during an annual fox run event. The dogs were part of a hunting group chasing a deer and were struggling to stay afloat. The men sprang into action, rescuing the dogs one by one and returning them to their worried owners on the bank. Despite the challenges, they managed to save all 38 dogs, with Chrestman’s quick thinking and bravery playing a crucial role.


The Navy women’s lacrosse team sings Toby Keith’s “Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue.” Goosebumps.🇺🇸


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