Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Says He’s Not Happy With The State Of America

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  • Today is National Gold Star Spouse Day

  • Zach Bryan honors fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller

  • Allen West: You’re not a victim

Today is National Gold Star Spouse Day.

Did you know that? If you are like the majority of Americans, you don’t know what a Gold Star Spouse is. Once upon a time that would make me swell with self-righteousness. Now, if I’m honest- I’m just jealous. Because if you don’t know what it is, you definitely are not a Gold Star family member, and you definitely did not lose a spouse, sibling, or parent on active duty military service. 

So while I believe every single member of the United States military should know what it means to be a Gold Star family member of any kind (including one recruiter who congratulated me when I mentioned I’m a Gold Star Wife), I absolutely understand why civilians don’t know what it is.

And as a recovering “professional victim,” I don’t think we need any day other than Memorial Day, to be recognized. 

This might seem blasphemous to some people. But I’ll say it anyway: 

We do not need a National Gold Star Spouse Day.

Enough with all the days, actually.

What do they even mean anyway?

Today is National Gold Star Spouse Day- but it’s also National Dandelion and National Deep Dish Pizza Day. 

That’s so moving, isn’t it?

We have Potato Chip Day, Peanut Butter Lovers Day, Clam Chowder Day, Talk Like Yoda Day… on and on it goes. The “National days”  observed in this country look like someone was high on something, or preschoolers were asked what their favorite thing is… and they all got together and declared them as special days. We even have a recent presidential proclamation that spits in the face of one of Catholicism's holiest days.

Now every single person on the planet has a day to demand the nation honor and celebrate them, their sexuality, identity, or their favorite movie or snack, and they are given the same honor as things that actually mean something- like being a Gold Star Spouse. 

Don’t we all feel so important now. 

Want to know what we can do to work toward getting back to being just people, instead of focusing on why we should all focus on being superior to one another? Get rid of the need for constant validation. 

Stop pretending any heritage, gender, identity, sexuality, or community demand national validation and focus on the things that unite us- like being American, honoring those who serve and protect our communities and our countries, remembering that without them we are all screwed.

Yes, I do appreciate when people acknowledge my grief, and that they will never take for granted what I’ve lost and been through, losing my husband in Iraq. 

But… that’s what Memorial Day is, isn’t it? Memorial Day actually means something. How is a National Gold Star Spouse Day supposed to mean anything, when it's sharing the stage with dandelions and deep dish pizza, anyway?

It took me years to recognize that part of what was keeping me in a cycle of struggle was my inability to separate who I am as a person from who I lost, and the grief that still had such a powerful hold on me even though I was doing all the things I thought I was “supposed” to do, to “move on.” 

The sense of annoyance I carried when people stopped treating me like a wounded soul and started demanding I show up in life wasn’t helping, and instead of feeling special on days like “Gold Star Spouse Day” I’d stew in self-pity when others didn’t properly acknowledge me.

Once I finally realized my happiness, health, and peace was not other people’s responsibility, I was no longer able to pretend I am not responsible for my own well-being. I no longer needed a national day of validation.

It’s hard to pretend any “national day” is more than a joke, when you see the full list, anyway, but as long as we are pretending, how about pretending things like “National Secure our Border Day” or “National You are Not a Victim Day” exist?

I’d love to dig into this further but tomorrow is National Tartan Day, and I have to go get ready.

- Barb Allen

A photographer captured stunning images of lightning striking the Statue of Liberty on Wednesday. The photos were taken from Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

In the picture, taken by photographer Dan Martland and posted on Instagram, a lightning bolt seems to directly hit (or, honestly, come out of), Lady Liberty's torch.

Martland was able to catch the happening from a bunch of different perspectives, as seen in the carousel of photos he posted, each one cooler than the one before.

One of the pro's followers commented on the post, specifically asking Martland how he captured the event.

"I usually track the weather with apps and head out if it's looking good," he responded. "I've had times where I've been out for eight hours and got nothing. Today was only an hour. The storm passed pretty quick. And the apps showed that there was no more cells coming my way. [...] These are still. I use a lightning trigger."

Whatever he did, the results are awesome! 🇺🇸


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Says He’s Not Happy With The State Of America

NEW: ‘The Rock’ tells Fox News he regrets endorsing President Biden in 2020 and says he won’t be making the same mistake in 2024.

“Am I happy with the state of America right now? Well, that answer is no. Do I believe we're gonna get better? I believe in that I'm an optimistic guy and I believe we can get better.”

“The endorsement that I made years ago with Biden was one I thought was the best decision for me at that time...”

“Am I gonna do that again this year? That answer is no.”

The Power Of Critical Thinking

A short clip from Chad Prather’s hysterical and insightful speech at our 2023 Great American Summit.


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