DeSantis Declares Freedom Summer In Florida: The Left Hates It

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  • DeSantis Declares Freedom Summer In Florida: The Left Hates It

  • Our Criminal Justice System Has Nothing to do With Justice 

  • Pennsylvania School Official Fulfills Dying Marine’s Last Wish

  • America Needs You Now More Than Ever

The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become.

Ronald Reagan

DeSantis  Declares Freedom Summer In Florida: The Left Hates It

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is continuing to celebrate and set examples of freedom this year, and the Left is outraged. Also on the lift of “offenses” to the Left, is DeSantis’ movie to offer teacher training in the “Influences of the Judeo-Christian Tradition” in the founding of the United States.

The Florida Department of Transportation turned the Sunshine Skyway into a patriotic showcase by shining red, white and blue lights on the bridge's columns.

Floridians and tourists alike are enjoying a temporary break from sales tax on summer activities and various products from sunscreen to tents. Additionally, DeSantis waived entrance fees to state parks for some time, allowing cash-strapped families and citizens struggling under the weight of inflation the opportunity to enjoy themselves for free.

In the spirit of freedom, DeSantis also declared that all state bridges will be lit in red, white, and blue between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

That’s where he lost the Left.

Kimberly Allen, the CEO of 904Ward, an advocacy group in the city that promotes diversity and inclusion, cites that June is Pride month, and Juneteenth also falls within this time frame. The bridges should be lit in rainbow colors and whatever other colors represent other causes or local events. including National Gun Violence Awareness Month, Juneteenth, World Fragile X Day, Women's Equality Day, and National Recovery Month.

University of North Florida political science professor Michael Binder said the political battle over bridge lights is unfortunate but not surprising when displays such as Pride lights split supporters and opponents.

"Obviously, it's a symbolic gesture to have lights of anything, and the Pride lights and the Pride flag and Pride month has been… really political issue and exceptionally divisive," he said. See the Freedom of Summer PDF

Our Criminal Justice System Has Nothing to do With Justice 

I saw the United States Army Chief Trial Judge appoint himself to our case, and then proceed to issue rulings that floored every legal expert I spoke with.

He then appointed a husband and wife to the jury - "It's ok they know they aren't allowed to discuss the case outside of court wink-wink- and pulled several other mind-blowing moves.

Even then, justice might have had a shot, if he had given the jury full and detailed instructions, just like he'd given the last jury in the last capital court martial.

For some reason, though, even though several Panel Members (jurors) strongly emphasized that they would NEVER convict someone if it meant that person would get the death penalty, the judge (Stephen Henley) refused to do what he had done in the other case, and include the information that a guilty verdict did NOT equal a death penalty. So they went into deliberations believing it did.

This I confirmed by speaking with a couple of the Panel Members after the verdict And that greatly contributed to what happened in our verdict. Watching Merchan through this is eerily reminiscent of watching Henley years ago.

And I have seen more cases through the years that have shattered any faith I had in our courts.

This is one more instance that cements the truth: Our criminal justice system should really be called our political pawn system, as verdicts and trials center more on politics and power, than on justice.

No one- no matter how much you hate Trump- should be OK with how this is shaking out. Acquittal hung jury, or conviction- it's all a disgrace.


Marine veteran Richard Remp gets High School diploma from Superintendent Justi Glaros – Family photo

When a dying war veteran’s last wish was to receive a high school diploma, Superintendent Justi Glaros and American Legion Post 247 Commander James Cappuccilli took action. Richard Remp, who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam and received a combat commendation "V" for valor, had sacrificed his education for his country. Now, his final wish was to receive an honorary diploma.

Remp, living in Poolesville, MD, and originally from Sharon, PA, was inspired after seeing another elderly Marine receive a diploma. Glaros discovered it was possible to grant his wish but faced a delay since Remp attended a neighboring high school. As Remp’s health deteriorated due to stage 4 prostate cancer, time became critical.

Glaros expedited the process by obtaining approval from the Sharon School District to issue the diploma. She drove four hours to personally deliver it to Remp, ensuring his last moments were filled with pride and joy. “I’m blessed to be in the position to be able to do it for this man,” Glaros said. “The opportunity to give the diploma to him is what I wanted.”

American Legion Post 247 Commander Julian Singh shared, “The last thing he remembers is the fact that she came down and gave him the diploma. That was his last waking moment.”

Richard Remp passed away on Sunday at the age of 98, but thanks to Glaros and Cappuccilli’s efforts, his final wish was fulfilled, honoring a man who gave everything for his country. [Read More]


America needs you now more than ever and it starts with conviction!


He didn’t actually say this but his actions did!


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