Defying a Governor, Billionaire gifts money to graduates, and triggered at the beach

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  • New Jersey court dismisses 80 charges against Ian Smith, a gym owner who defied Governor Murphy's COVID lockdown.

  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth speaker Robert Hale Jr. gives out $1000 each to 1,200 students during graduation.

  • Chicago teen who entered college at age 10 earns her doctorate at 17

  • Watch this guy lose it over a few American flags at the beach!

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.

-Elmer Davis​

New Jersey Court Throws Out 80 Charges Against Ian Smith, Brave Gym Owner
Who Defied Gov. Murphy’s Tyrannical COVID Lockdown Orders

Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, has been vindicated after a long fight against New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. 

A New Jersey court has dismissed all 80 charges against him, which were filed after he reopened his gym in defiance of Murphy's COVID-19 lockdown orders.

All Charges Dismissed Against N.J. Gym Owner Who Wouldn’t Close During COVID Lockdown Read more at:

The showdown began in May 2020 when Smith reopened Atilis Gym, arguing that the Murphy administration's mandates were unconstitutional and harmful to small businesses. He even removed the doors to his gym after they were padlocked shut. 

The owners, Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti received and ignored several citations before being arrested and charged with contempt, obstruction, and violating the Disaster Control Act.

The state's response continued beyond the arrest -and the state was just getting started.  The Murphy administration seized $165,000 from the gym’s accounts—money Smith claims was raised through donations and apparel sales to fund the gym’s legal defense. This seizure was intended to financially cripple the gym and deter others from similar actions.

“Governor Phil Murphy seized 100% of our assets today – $165k, all of which came from donations and apparel sales. This is done in the middle of ongoing litigation defending ourselves against these fines, our 80 charges, the revocation of our business license, and the unconstitutional health department shutdown.⁣ This was never about protection; it was always about control,” Smith said in a video statement in January 2021.

Murphy may have believed he’d make an example out of Smith and Trumbetti, but his plan backfired when the country rallied around them, instead using Murphy as an example of the Left’s deranged crusade for absolute power.  And now the example has been set of why it is so important to hold the line.

On Saturday, Smith announced that the court had dropped all charges with prejudice, meaning the state cannot refile these charges against Smith and Atilis Gym. This is a massive win for freedom, and we have Smith and Trumbetti to thank. It is also a major embarrassment for Murphy, as well as a strong rebuke of his tactics.

Smith announced this win on social media, noting that “This victory opens the battlefield again and gives us options to continue to push back and bring justice to the treasonous actions of Phil Murphy and his lackies.”

In additional comments, Smith had a more direct message for his nemesis: “Suck my d—k Phil Murphy.”

Students Who Braved A Rain Storm At The University Of Massachusetts Dartmouth Got More Than A Speech From The Commencement Speaker Recently. Billionaire Robert Hale Surprised More Than 1,100 Graduates At The Event With $1,000 Each.

There was one instruction to go along with his gift. Hale said $500 is for the graduates to keep and $500 is for them to give to others.

He invited them all to share in the joy of giving by gifting the money to a cause or person who needs it more than they do. “These trying times have heightened the need for sharing, caring and giving,” Hale told the graduating students. “We want to give you two gifts: the first is our gift to you, the second is the gift of giving.”

Hale is the CEO of Quincy-based Granite Telecommunications, which he founded in 2002, and a co-owner of the Boston Celtics. Forbes estimates his net worth at $5.4 billion. 

Perhaps even more surprising than the gift itself is the fact that this is not the first time Hale has made such a donation. Back in 2021, Hale made headlines for giving Quincy College graduates the same unexpected present. 2024 grads were not told in advance that Hale was a speaker.


Lovingly called 'Dorothy Jenius' by friends and family: Tillman received her bachelor degree at just 12 and double master’s degrees at age 14, Dorothy Jean — granddaughter of ex-Chicago Ald. Dorothy Tillman — completed a doctoral program at Arizona State University’s College of Health Solutions.

She graduated from a doctoral program at Arizona State University, after successfully defending her dissertation and earning her Ph. D. in integrated behavioral health.

The Bronzeville teen dedicated herself to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education, and founded the Dorothyjeanius STEAM Leadership Institute in Chicago and the Dorothy Jeanius STEAM Labs in Chicago and West Cape Town, South Africa.

She also advises the Ghanaian government on STEAM education and programs for youth. She is the Good News today ! Love to see how such bright people contribute to making the world a better place.

@dorothyjeanius 👏 ❤️

Chicago Teen Who Entered College At Age 10 Earns Her Doctorate At 17


Imagine living in America, being American, and getting triggered at the sight of American flags on the beach. These people cannot cope! 🇺🇸



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