David Hogg gets destroyed on gun control by a Chinese immigrant who fled communism!

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  • And the Most Asinine Article of the Day Award Goes To…

  • David Hogg gets destroyed on gun control by a Chinese immigrant who fled communism!

  • God Given Inalienable Rights - Texas Sheriff Waybourn

And the Most Asinine Article of the Day Award Goes To…..

Competition is stiff for the most asinine Left Wing article or “news” of the day. It comes down to MSNBC’s Joy Reid declaring Trump is keeping half of America in a “reproductive prison,” and CNN’s Oliver Darcy attributing Donald Trump’s presidency to the OJ Simpson trial.

And the winner is….

Oliver Darcy.

I mean - seriously - not even the most nimble gymnast or Master Yogi could ever stretch that far. 

Darcy’s hypothesis has two prongs:

First, he argues that the sensationalism of OJ’s trial catapulted reality TV. That sounds sane and logical - Until he then ties that into Celebrity Apprentice and credits the Celebrity Apprentice for putting Trump into the White House.

Or at least he gives half of the credit to that show. The other half goes to Fox News which, you guessed it- was only born as a result of Rupert Murdoch wanting to capitalize on the OJ Simpson phenomena like CNN had. 

And Fox News, of course, is the other reason Trump was elected.

Nowhere in Darcy’s delusions is anything about at least half of America voting to defend our borders, preserve our Constitution, protect innocent infants, keep the playing field affordable; maintain energy independence, keep America out of war, astutely manage foreign relations, and make damn sure our law enforcement officers have the support and resources they need to quell actual violent “protests” and keep our communities safe. 

I guess all of that would be more of a stretch than Darcy’s twisted mind can manage. 

- Barb Allen


Watch a gun-owning Chinese refugee who fled Communism OBLITERATE anti-gun activist David Hogg in 60 seconds after forcing him to admit the quiet part OUT LOUD!

Never in a million years did we think a Chinese woman would utterly destroy the poster child of gun control's entire argument with one question.

This is how it went when the Chinese immigrant Lily Tang Williams stepped up to ask David Hogg a question from the audience:

“Hi, my name is Lily Tang Williams. Welcome to my ‘Live Free or Die’ state. Actually, I am a Chinese immigrant who survived communism. And under Mao, 40 million people were starving to death after he sold the communism to them. And 20 million people died, murdered during his cultural revolution.

So my question to you, David, is that can you guarantee me, a gun owner tonight, our government in the US, in DC, will never, never become a tyrannical government?

Can you guarantee that to me? "

David Hogg, "There's no way I can ever guarantee that any government will not be tyrannical. "

Lily Tang Williams, "Well, then the debate on gun control is over because I will never give up my guns. Never, never. And you should go to China to see how gun control works for the dictatorship of CCP”

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Our God Given Inalienable Rights

Sheriff Waybourn Short From The GAS 2023



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