Bill Maher says “Abortion is Murder, I’m Just OK With That.” 

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  • Bill Maher says “Abortion is Murder, I’m Just OK With That.” 

  • SAY HIS NAME: Officer Joseph McKinney

  • Japan is giving the U.S. 250 new cherry trees

Bill Maher says “Abortion is Murder, I’m Just OK With That.” 

Tell me again that we are not in a battle of good vs evil. And prove that you are in denial about the world today.

Or maybe you are just reluctant to presume you are in a position to judge others. Those in glass houses, and all that….

And I get it. Really. I also have a solution that allows you to recognize the evil without betraying that humility we have to preserve now more than ever:


Huh, you ask?

What I mean is - focus on the words being spoken and the behavior portrayed rather than the person responsible. Reverse engineer it and follow the cause of these actions back to their roots: typically you’ll find money, power, greed, and a subset of humanity that absolutely rejects God.

Or, in other words… evil.

You will find evil at work.

Here is a prime example.

Did you catch Bill Maher on his show, talking about abortion?

Or, I mean, “Women’s Reproductive Rights,” right?

Right there for the world to see, he boasted that abortion is murder - and went on to say, “I’m just okay with that.”  His reasoning? “There are 8 billion people in this world. I’m sorry, but we won’t miss you.”

If that isn’t reflective of evil, tell me what is.

The good news is, Good is pushing back. Sometimes in places most of us would think unlikely -like college campuses. 

All we hear about college campuses these days is the Wokeism spreading through them. One of my kids described his campus as “Where Liberals go to be radicalized.” I have seen the impact this culture has had on my kids - and it pains me.

So I’m especially relieved to see stories about mass baptism taking place on college campuses. A renewed movement to bring faith and faithful values back into our world- and not in the old fashioned, Catholic school, wrathful God and cruel nuns kind of way. This time, it is a welcoming movement.

Breitbart shared this story about hundreds of students in Florida being baptized, and the continuing support these students receive. Movements like this will not be widely reported, but they are how we turn the tides in this battle between good and evil.

As for Bill Maher, one can only hope and pray that his viewpoint and beliefs do not prevail. [ Watch ]

- Barb Allen

A 26-year-old hero has been murdered by a criminal thug who should have been in jail. Officer Joseph McKinney your life mattered.

Three police officers were gunned down last week by "teen suspects" in Memphis with long rap sheets.

One of the policemen, Officer Joseph McKinney was killed.

One of the teens was arrested weeks ago for possessing an illegal firearm and a stolen car. THEY RELEASED HIM WITHOUT BAIL.

This is Officer Joseph McKinney who was shot and kiIIed yesterday in Memphis!

He was gunned down and killed by a thug in Memphis, who was just let out of jail on $0 bail after stealing 2 cars & owning an illegal firearm!

DA Stephen Mulroy is in charge of Memphis. 

He ended cash bail, saying it marginalizes & harms people of color.

SAY HIS NAME: Officer Joseph McKinney 🙏💙

Officer Joseph McKinney


The culture of selflessness and respect in Japan is unmatched!

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is giving the U.S. Capitol 250 new cherry trees to replace the ones that have been uprooted to accommodate construction in the area.

“Like our friendship, these trees are timeless, inspiring, and thriving,” the prime minister said.


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