Back to Our Roots in 2024

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  • Back to Our Roots in 2024

  • Florida Surgeon General Calls for Complete Halt of COVID-19 Vaccines

  • Harvard’s President Claudine Gay Resigns

Back to Our Roots in 2024

It’s clear that we as a country have strayed far from our roots. The America we have today feels so far from what it was just 20 years ago - and even just 6 years ago- that it is barely recognizable. At least then we had the illusion of freedom, even as the puppet masters pulled our strings- they just pulled fewer strings and did so more discreetly, than now.

But the deviation from our roots is not just political; It’s individual. I mean, one of the new trending hot ticket items out there is grounding sheets. These sheets are supposed to simulate the effects of walking barefoot outside. The link between nature and our mental and physical health is indisputable. But people today would rather spend money on sheets that plug in than walk barefoot outside.

Here is a direct quote from one of the leading suppliers of these sheets: 

The ground beneath your feet offers you sustenance and hydration. It provides a solid foundation for sitting, standing, walking, running, swimming, climbing, playing, and constructing. Additionally, it offers something quite unexpected - electrons. When you make direct contact with the earth using your bare feet or body, electrons transfer into you. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as being 'grounded'.

Search this out once and your algorithm will flood you with video testimonials from people singing the miracles of these sheets. They talk about how much better they sleep, and how they feel throughout the day, thanks to these sheets.

But one none of them mention is why they don’t just go outside! None of them talk about spreading out on the grass for a picnic lunch or a 15-minute sunbath. No one talks about hiking or just leaning up against a tree and no one mentions why they can’t find 15 minutes a day to kick off their shoes and find some dirt or grass to stand or walk on. This may be more understandable for people deep within concrete cities but for those who make it a point, patches of nature can be found.

How have we as a society “evolved” into people who spend more time staring at screens than the sky? How are we now replacing nature with sheets we plug in? And can there be a complete disconnect between how far we have strayed from our natural roots of playing outside, walking barefoot, staring at the sky, to where we are now? 

What do you think fills a mind and soul with more positive, creative energy - laying back to either stargaze or creating imaginary cloud shapes or scrolling social media to hear celebrities, “influencers” and “important” people tell you what to think and feel and do with your lives? 

Where do you think God is felt the most - out in nature, sitting by a creek or riverbed, listening to ocean waves or the wind in the trees or birds singing, planting a garden or watching the snow fall - or staring at a screen as the person on it tells you how oppressed you are, or how awful someone else is, or how we are all doomed? 

Perhaps, before Americans can get to our roots as a patriotic, tyranny-githing, imperfect but always striving to become a better nation, we must first individually get back to our roots. So kick off your shoes, and splash in a puddle. Lean up against a tree and let your mind get lost in its branches. Go for a walk or a hike even in unpleasant weather. Bundle up and get out there.

We are not just going to have to get back to our roots- we will have to be okay with being uncomfortable in the process. 

This year will be the most defining one yet.

- Barb

Florida Surgeon General Calls for Complete Halt of COVID-19 Vaccines

BREAKING: Florida Surgeon General Calls for Complete Halt of COVID-19 Vaccines The Pfizer COVID-19 “vaccine” injected into billions of arms was not the same one used in Pfizer’s clinical trials.

There was a “bait-and-switch.” The public received vials contaminated with plasmid DNA.

As such, Dr. Joseph Ladapo called for a halt to the use of all COVID-19 mRNA injections on Wednesday, January 3, 2024.


POLL: Nearly 40% of Americans believe Joe Biden was illegitimately elected according to a new poll published by the Washington Post.

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Claudine Gay RESIGNS from Harvard in a crushing loss to DEI, wokeism, antisemitism & university elitism. Full story «



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