Alan Ritchson, “Cops get away with murder all the time”

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  • Alan Ritchson, “Cops get away with murder all the time”

  • A Based WAWA employee films Biden’s staged moment

  • Elon Musk Launching new campaign for free speech

Another Lunatic Leftie Helps Break Binging Addictions While Also Pissing Off Every Cop in America

I admit, I am a Binger. I do enjoy a good Series Binge from time to time, and Jack Reacher is- I mean was- a Binge-worthy event for me.

I didn’t let the far-flung plot twists stop me from indulging, either. Those were mitigated by the entertainment value and the, shall we say, aesthetic quality of the show.

I know there are far more useful things I can do with my time. The 10 or 12 hours I spent on my couch sipping wine and thinking about nothing important are hours I’ll never get back. But I’m a big believer in the value of tuning out from time to time, so I was even ok with that.

What me and, I suspect, you are not okay with, is discovering that the actor so many of us just started to like has revealed himself to be another lunatic Lefite who believes that cops are murderers, Christians who support Trump are crazy, and that anyone wanted to hear his thoughts on any of it.

I also suspect that Alan Ritchson is about to “find out.”

He is about to find out that the days of fawning over celebrities are over. 

The moment in time when you could bash half of America along with the people who put their lives on the line to defend you and still be cool are over.

The National Fraternal Order of Police posted a scathing response to Ritchon’s comment that “Cops get away with murder all the time.” 

“While Mr. Ritchson gets his face and forehead powdered on set, our officers are out doing the job he doesn’t have the courage to do,” their post read. 

And that was just the opening line. It’s safe to say Ritchson would not get a hero’s welcome at a law enforcement gathering. It’s also safe to say that the same police officers he insulted would still risk their lives to save his.

Maybe Michael Rappaport needs to have a Celebrity Sit-Down with Alan. An intervention, even. Before Alan reaches for his phone to call in the real heroes in an emergency. 

This can’t bode well for the Christmas movie Ritchon is set to co-star in along with Arnold “F Your Freedom” Schwarzenegger. 

The stars are falling from the sky, one by one.

- Barb Allen

A Based Wawa Employee Took A Video Showing How Biden’s Trip To The Store Yesterday Was Completely Scripted.

The truth is his entire term is a script. He's merely playing president.

LOL…there is nobody there except the employees.

No one cares…No excited customers, no crowds, no fans.

He’s a nuisance…like a fly that keeps buzzing around your head.

An inconvenience to a business that is paying more for literally everything and a business that has to miss out on real customers because of this staged nonsense.

When you supposedly get 81 million votes you shouldn’t have to script anything.


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