Airman who lit himself on fire, border wall poll, and Laken Riley

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  • Why are mentally ill and dangerous people on Active Duty Military Service?

  • Do you support a border wall? POLL

  • Mayor of Athens, Kelly Girtz (D) responds to Laken Riley murder

Why Are Mentally Ill and Dangerous People on Active Duty Military Service?

Have you seen the story? The one about the Active Duty Airman who lit himself on fire while screaming “Free Palestine” outside of the Israeli embassy in Washington DC?

And he filmed it for all the world to see. (you can google it)

The 25-year-old Airman- in uniform-  stated that he would “no longer be complicit in genocide” and that his suffering was minimal compared to that of Palestinians as the humanitarian crisis continues in Gaza.

Suicide is nothing to shrug off, or to be indifferent to. It’s tragic that this young man took his life. 

The other part of that is the unmistakable reality that the military is failing to properly screen its members for mental illness or dangerous tendencies. It is failing to properly address these issues when they are red-flagged.

I hoped things would be different - that my husband’s murder, and the cases I studied, would be the last. But time and time again these stories appear.

Sure, they are buried to the best of the military’s ability, but some of them slip out. Like when I got my hands on the copy of the guilty plea my husband’s killer attempted to submit, and the military lied to me about it, and I gave it to the New York Times.

That would never have been seen otherwise. 

In my husband’s case, and several others I studied for my master’s thesis (Including actually attending one other capital court martial and interviewing government experts) I identified multiple overlapping warning signs appearing in each case where an active duty military member murdered fellow military members (fratricide) or innocent civilians. While not all of these appeared in every case, every case had three or more of the following warning signs:

-Service Member (SM) was being disciplined

- Other SM’s had grown uneasy around that particular  SM, to the point of fearing for their own safety

- The SM made threats to harm others

- The SM had been admitted to the military with a waiver

- The SM was under professional mental health care that relied on medication and missed  opportunities to properly secure the SM

- SM had a history of poor performance or behavioral issues

- SM had recently experienced extensive traumatic events 

There are more characteristics and warning signs, but those were the major ones I noted. On their own it is easy to dismiss. But when three or more of these characteristics or warning signs appear, everyone should be aware and take precautionary steps to prevent such tragedies.

In my husband’s case, when the Staff Sergeant  (SSG) murdered him and the Commanding Officer, the SSG had been admitted with a mental waiver, and in spite of a history of illegal activity. He was being disciplined and was going to be losing his position. He made hundreds of threats against the CO. There were other warning signs as well.

All ignored by everyone except those who began keeping their own distance from him. And none of which were reported to the CO.

I am willing to wager any bet that time will reveal at least three of these characteristics or warning signs in this Airman’s case.

How many more will die, before the military takes action?

- Barb

Majority of Americans Support Border Wall

A poll by Monmouth University shows 61% of Americans say illegal immigration is a "very serious problem." Over 50% say they support a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Patrick Bet-David an entrepreneur and founder of Valuetainment recently took to X to talk about Egypt’s border wall with Israel…

“This is the Israel-Egypt border wall built to protect the Gaza border and an underground steel wall that extends 60ft below.

The 152-mile barrier goes from the Israeli city of Eilat in the south to the Gaza–Israel border in the north.

It took three years to construct for $450 million.

That equates to $3m a mile.  

They began building in Nov 2010 and completed in Dec 2013.

Just in the first half of 2012, roughly 9570 people illegally crossed the border.

In 2016, that number dropped to just 16 the entire year.  

Meanwhile, the US-Mexico border is 1,954 miles long (from San Diego, California to Texas at the Gulf of Mexico).

1,954 miles X $3m = $5.8 billion.  

Let’s add inflation and the fact that US Government ALWAYS over pays for projects, we can get this done for less than $10-$20 billion.

From 2020 to 2023 we’ve had 8 million illegal immigrants cross the border.

What do you think that number would drop to if America took our border as seriously as Israel-Egypt did?”

- Reposted from Patrick Bet-David on X

Do You Support A Border Wall?

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A WONDERFUL ACT OF KINDNESS: Ohio man Don Wheeler has been in a wheelchair for the past 20 years. During the winter, it can take hours to clear snow from his ramp and driveway. Last month, Amazon driver Gequan Fletcher was making a delivery at Wheeler’s home when he saw a shovel and decided to clear a path.

That small act of service was extremely helpful to Wheeler and “touched his heart.”

“What touched me the most and when I came out and thanked you, you just smiled and kept going. You weren’t like, ‘Tag me on this, tag me here.’ That told me that it came from the heart, you were raised properly,” Wheeler told Fletcher when they met in person the following day.



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