A Terrifying Loss For America And Americans

Here’s another installment of the GAS - the newsletter that understands that when your hatred for one man is greater than your love for our country, you might be part of the problem.

Here’s the “Trumped Up Charges” we have for you today:

  • A Terrifying Loss For America And Americans

  • Even Europe Sees The Truth Behind The Trump Trial And Conviction

  • If You Watched The Trump Trial You Can’t Possibly Still Think The 2020 Election Was Fair

  • Trump Attorney Todd Blanche Reacts To The Guilty Verdict

When America is united, America is totally unstoppable!

- President Donald Trump

Yesterday’s Verdict Is More Than A Blight On Our Country And Our Judicial System…

A Terrifying Loss For America And Americans

It is not just a terrifying loss for America and Americans- even those who celebrate it. 

It is a very personal loss on another level, too.

It feels like a final blow to the very shaky hold I had on believing  that no matter the differences some friends and family have with me, and I with them- mutual respect remained.

Now, seeing some of the gleeful posts, seeing the insults hurled at those of us who point out the myriad ways in which our Constitution has been violated, that hold has been severed.

If you are among the people celebrating this verdict, this is for you. If you are among the outraged Americans like me, feel free to share this message:

I don’t pull the widow card in life. Not anymore. And I am not pulling it now.

I am, however, unable to reconcile the sheer contempt people show for the very values my husband died in service of, and my family has been through so much for - not to mention millions of other families over the years- with mutual respect.

If you are celebrating this as a win because you have such blind hatred for Trump, you are among those who are figuratively spitting on Lou’s grave, and dancing on my family’s pain.

Or you are simply too lazy and too obsessed with never admitting you have been deceived.

It is ridiculously easy to discover for yourself how the laws of this land have been trampled on in this case.

Even just one segment of the jury instructions, where the judge ditched the rule of unanimity, is enough to prove this. The 1999 case, Richardson v. United States, established this. Look it up. 

But the list is far longer than this.

And it was all carried out in broad daylight, with hypocrisy, hubris, and impunity on full display.

And all the TDS patients swallowed it like medicine.

I do respect your right to hold to your opinions and beliefs.

I do appreciate respectful debate and dialogue.

I just can not respect you, if you refuse to pull the curtain back on this charade to expose the truth you have been denying for so long.

I cannot respect you if you do not understand that precedent is now established to come after people like me on bullshit charges, simply because I refuse to back down from tyranny.

I cannot respect you if you refuse to see that it can happen to you, too, if the tables turn and the people in power decide you are not worthy of a fair defense. 

I cannot respect you if you do not respect the laws of this land and the core values our country is built on, because you do not respect Lou. You do not respect the fact that he raised his right hand and swore an oath to serve our country - even for your benefit. You do not respect the hours he laid dying, talking about not seeing his wife and children again. You do not respect his sons growing up without their amazing father, and reliant on a mom whose strength was outmatched by her pain. 

I have been censored, shamed, insulted, and lost professional opportunities as a result of exercising the same rights to express my opinion, as you exercise yourself. 

Dave and I have given everything we have to host our events, run our platform, and empower people. 

I cannot respect the message that it has all been for nothing, and I will not respect the message that this battle will not ultimately be won.

You have awakened a beast in this country. The kind unseen since 9/11. Only this time you are celebrating as the towers fall, instead of rallying against it.

This time you are on the wrong side of history.

Go ahead- block me, insult me, refuse to work with me.

I do not give a shit.

There is no insult you can hurl that is greater than the one hurled yesterday.

And there is nothing that will stop Americans from taking our country back.

Even Europe Sees The Truth Behind The Trump Trial And Conviction

Brexit leader Nigel Farage believes that the recent guilty verdict in Donald Trump's Manhattan trial may inadvertently boost Trump's chances of becoming the 47th President. Farage tweeted, "I feel more certain this morning that Trump will be the 47th President than I did yesterday."

Many European newspapers echo this sentiment, suggesting the trial might not benefit Democrats as anticipated.

European commentary is abuzz with reactions to Trump's conviction on all 34 counts related to business records. While opinions vary on the case's merits, there's a consensus that it might not significantly aid the Democrats. Trump's supporters remained steadfast, while his detractors were already against him, regardless of the trial's outcome.

Britain's conservative Daily Telegraph notes, "Biden thinks this is a victory – he may be disappointed." The paper argues that few Americans followed the trial closely and that a conviction's impact on voter decisions is minimal. It suggests that the trial might only shift the race by a few points.

Let's hope that's the way it will hit with people who barely paid attention to the facts.

Farage expressed his views on GB News, arguing that the U.S. judicial system's politicization is evident and that any attempt to imprison Trump would turn him into a "modern-day martyr." Farage stated, "This verdict is a disgrace. Trump will now win big."

He believes the Biden administration and the judicial system have overplayed their hand, potentially alienating fair-minded Americans and ironically providing Trump with a significant electoral boost.

If You Watched Or Followed The The Trump Trial And Still Think The 2020 Election Was Fair And Not Rigged You're Either Not A Smart Person, Ignorant, Or Blind.

This leads us to this story about a kid who was selling kittens outside a Democrat fundraiser.

When people came out from the fundraiser, this kid was holding up kittens and saying, buy a Democrat kitten!

Well, a couple of weeks later, the Republicans held a fundraiser in the same place. 

And when they came out, there was the same kid with the kittens, and he said, buy a republican kitten.

And one of the members of the press who'd seen him there two weeks before said, “Wait a minute, kid, you were selling these kittens the last time as Democrat kittens. How come they're republican kittens now?”

The kid says because now they got their eyes open!



Trump attorney Todd Blanche reacts to the guilty verdict: "It's heartbreaking because they're laughing at a man, at a father, at a husband, at a grandfather. And as somebody who's running for president and looks like will win, that's something that people should be troubled with no matter who you're going to vote for."



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