90 year old veteran received over $200,000 in donations to retire

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  • The Difference Between Maintaining The Belief That Fair Elections Matter And Believing That Anyone But You Controls Your Destiny

  • 90-year-old Veteran Caught Laboring In The Heat On Memorial Day, $200k Raised To Help Him

  • California Sheriff Pledges His Support To Put A "Felon" In The White House

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.

-Mark Twain

The Difference Between Maintaining The Belief That Fair Elections Matter And Believing That Anyone But You Controls Your Destiny

Are you as sick of being told that you are ignorant/stupid/naive/weak/(insert whatever else we have been called)  for still believing elections matter - or at least, fair elections matter?

Are you tired of being told “No one person controls this country’s fate.”

Or that rather than care about voting, or who is in office, you can just make all the impacts of inflation, crime, taxes, censorship, government overreach, attacks on parental rights, attempts to tell you what car to drive and what appliances you can use, poisoning of our foods, assaults on American farmers, and all the other lunacy out there disappear simply by pretending the people in office do not have anything to do with those? Rather - if those things are negatively impacting you, it’s your fault.

You know, because the only reason these things should be impacting you is if you are weak and do not understand that the power being exercised by this government are not real, at all, but only a result of weak-minded and lazy people like you going along with it?

Are you really sick of being told that you are also a fool for believing that one person (in this case Trump) can save this country, just because you mention that you are voting for him or point out the blatant abuse of the justice system in his case?

I hear you. I am, too. 

Here is what the people who make proclamations like , “I’m not buying into the lie that elections matter anymore,” or “If everyone would stop being so stupid and simply stop believing the government has any power over you all the insanity would stop,” are missing about people who are standing up and screaming out against this current administration, and who insist that it’s so important to vote for Trump: 

We believe the same things you do, and we know it’s time to take the government’s power away, too.

As shocking as may be to people who believe only a select few of them really understand life, while the rest of us simpletons continue placing our fate in Trump’s hands…. We are not stupid.

As for me, well, I’d rather focus on strengthening myself, my family, and my community in a country where I am not also forced to be constantly defending myself from attempts to force me to surrender my bodily autonomy, concerned that among the millions of people my tax dollars are supporting as they waltz across our border are terrorists and others ready to attack us from within, forced to make twice the income as needed just four years ago in order to sustain the same lifestyle while watching the rights I have as a human being and a citizen of this country being removed incrementally on a daily basis, and seeing the judicial system used as a political weapon.

I simply believe that the solution to the hubris, corruption, and incredible government overreach that has been allowed to take place for decades will not be as simple as manifesting it away. I don’t believe the answer to a better country is just figuring out how to make enough money to ward off the constant attacks from our own government on our wallets, our families, our faith, and our freedom. 

I do believe that we can yank the rug out from underneath the feet of every politician’s practice of remaining in office for a lifetime while making millions off of our backs.

I do believe we can restore human decency and undo the manipulation and psyops effects we have all experienced.

I do believe we can rebuild our own country’s independence, and that we can all create our own financial, physical, spiritual, and familial autonomy.

We can just begin doing all of that quicker and easier in a country that is not being run by this current administration.

I - like everyone else I know- understand that Trump is not the Messiah.

I don’t worship at his altar.

I do, however recognize he is no more flawed as a human being than I am, and that he is putting himself and his family through incredible challenges and even trauma in order to stand up for this country.

I do not agree with all of his policies and I do remain disgruntled about his part in the whole vaccine thing.

I just believe he will not repeat that same mistake twice, and that my family- and yours- will be better able to thrive and work on our own lives and business, that we are better able to work together in order to begin removing the power of local, state, and federal governments, when we are not under attack from lunatics in power.

And while there are certainly people on both sides of the aisle who are abusing their power, we cannot begin removing those on the Right Side, until we take the power away from those on the Left. 

It will not be a quick fix.

Many of us will not even see it fully corrected in our lifetime. But we do owe future generations, and those who have given their lives and service in past generations, a truly free and upstanding country. 

You go ahead and tell yourself that you are stronger, braver, and smarter than I am because you will not vote again, if that makes you feel better about yourself.

You give up on it all, and focus only on yourself if that is where you are in life at the moment.

I won’t judge you for that. We all have our limits.

But I’m too stubborn for that.

So I am voting for Trump, and once we catch our breath, I am joining the work to end the lifetime career pattern of politicians.


A 90-year-old veteran was pushing carts at a grocery store to make ends meet. Within the week, over $200,000 has been raised so he can retire.

The veteran, who had been working at a local convenience store, was seen struggling in the heat, prompting a customer to start a fundraising campaign.

The campaign quickly went viral, and the veteran received the funds needed to retire comfortably. 🙏


I'M ALL IN ON CHANGING TEAMS': California sheriff switches sides from a career dedicated to locking up felons to now pledging his political support to put a "felon" in the White House!



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