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You are tired of the negativity and being attacked for your core values, beliefs, and patriotism.

You are tired of surrendering our streets and communities to anarchists. 

You want to connect with other like-minded grateful Americans who are at various stages of personal and professional success, and who are excited to support each other. 

You want to surround yourself with patriots who understand the value of personal accountability over victimization, who realize their own pain is meant to be overcome instead of abused as a justification to hurt others, and who stand ready to assist those ready to take an active role in achieving their own potential.

We want to offer you a solution by inviting you to join our Great American Syndicate as an ELITE member and leader.

When you join the GAS as an Elite member now you’ll get your free gear....PLUS...

When you join the GAS as an Elite member now you’ll get your free gear....PLUS...

ELITE Benefit #1: Monthly Nationwide Savings With Over 302,000 Member Only Perks & Discounts Across 10,000 Cities! Save On Everything From Pizza And The Zoo, To Movie Tickets, Gym Memberships, Car Rentals, And Hotels! Plus Featured Discounts From Made In America And Veteran Owned Companies...

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Here you'll get discounts to all kinds of services! This list of discounts is updated monthly, so check back often to see what's new and exciting! 

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ELITE Benefit #2: MAKE AN IMPACT! Together Each Month We'll Give Back To Charities That Support Veterans, Police, First Responders, At Risk Youth, And Their Families. 20% Of ALL Monthly Member Dues Go to The Great American Syndicate Fund

We're in this together! As this association and community grows so will our ability to make an impact, but it all starts right here, right now...with you. 

Every month we'll be giving back 15% of your dues to the Great American Syndicate Fund, a Charitable Fund that supports Veterans, Military Families, Police, First Responders, and America's At Risk Youth and there families.

ELITE Benefit #3: Expert, Strategic And Tactical Training In All Areas Of The 4 Foundations Of Freedom (1: Strengthen Yourself, 2. Strengthen Your Family, 3. Strengthen Your Community And 4. Strengthen This Great Country!)

Inside the Elite members area there are countless trainings from experts, entrepreneurs, veterans, and athletes. We are constantly adding new courses and training created by leaders and influencers so that our members have access to the best information possible! We'll also notify you when new trainings become available so that you never miss out!

ELITE Benefit #4: Live Q&A And Interview Sessions With Experts From All Areas Of The 4 Foundations Of Freedom (Including Millionaire Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Successful Artists, Musicians, And More!)

Featured conversations with literally some of the brightest minds, business leaders, military heroes, Veteran entrepreneurs, and influencers today.

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You’ll get INSTANT unlimited access to our private members only GAS community. As a GAS member, the group is yours to access 24/7, chat with friends, share info or be a fly-on-the-wall and learn.

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As a member of the Great American Syndicate, you'll receive access to our exclusive portal. Here you'll get discounts to all kinds of services! This list of discounts is updated monthly, so check back often to see what's new and exciting! These savings alone are worth joining for!

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There is SO Much You Can Do As An GAS Elite Member
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Great American Syndicate Members'
Foundations Of Freedom
We in the Great American Syndicate believe this country needs to shift its focus away from hate, and back toward hope.

We are Americans who want to be a part of this country’s path to reclaiming peace and returning to its patriotic core. 

We are a community that offers our members the platform and the resources to do exactly that by focusing on the four foundations of freedom: 
  • #1: SELF
  • ​#2. Family
  • ​#3. Community
  • ​#4. Country
Your time to act is now.

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Dave Brown & Barb Allen
Great American Syndicate
American Snippets LLC

Take A Stand And Join Your Tribe Of Patriotic, Grateful, And Driven Freedom Loving Americans Today

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Here's the bottom line: We are building a network of exceptional Americans. All of our members must embody the American Spirit – the belief that positivity, possibility, and patriotism can outshine rage, anarchy, and divisiveness. We are re-igniting the idea of American exceptionalism and it is our goal that each member excels in every area of life so they can become a better role model and leader for their family, community, and country. 
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